Religion provides millions of people of the world a meaning and direction to their personal and social lives. It also gives them a sacred sense, something that cannot be violated for personal gains. However when vales like justices, equality human freedom are taken out of the religion, it is reduced to a bundle of lifeless rituals and lend itself to exploitation. In fact religion has often been used to legitimate exploitation. This is the reason why Karl Marx, the famous philosopher said, ``religion is an opium for the masses’’.

History reveals that emperors and churches in European countries; kings and `purohits’ in India had exploited the poor for their own interest. In modern times the partition of India, Arab-Israel war and Iran Iraq war can be cited as an example of the negative and cruel played by religion.

But the original spiritual mental experience at the core of any religion is liberating in nature. The essence of all religions is one and the same. It can be summarized in one line-selfness love and service to humanity is real religion. Religion transcends all narrow barriers and exalts human spirit. It inspires the human soul to struggle against all that causes physical, mental or economic bondage.

It is really a great misfortune of human race that even in modern scientific age people are killing each other on grounds of different religions. This type of religious fundamentalism must end. When all the people of the world will be able to realize the real meanings of the religion, that is selfless love and service to others and needy, then only true freedom and happiness will descend on this earth.

Main points

  • It is our duty to be kind to all creatures. It is the greatest religion.
  • Religion gives up peace. Patience is a virtue. It curbs anger.
  • All saints are kind and merciful. They are not revengeful.
  • One should keep one’s mind under control. Self-control is essential for following the path of religion.

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