As you all already know i was on leave for 2 weeks. Thats because i was
holidaying with my family.. We went to --


1. Kolkata - lovely hoogly river ( now polluted ) , howrah bridge,
huge shopping malls, d city of clubs, yellow taxis ( non ac ambassadors ) ,
too much traffic and jams..


2. Darjeeling - beautiful hills, green tea estates, nice cool mausam ...
also pollution, smoke, broken roads, too much crowd, dirt n clutter,
traffic jams !!!!


3. Gangtok - sikkims natural beauty, lakes, hills, greenery.. also
traffic jams lasting 1-2 hours!, smoke n air pollution !!


I noticed k God ne tan apan nu bahut sohna, clean, green, beautiful
country ditta but apaan aap enu khraab kita e.. eni popultion aa k har
jagah dhakke pende aa.. ena pollution aa k hill station te v saah lena
aukha becoz hawa eni gandi hai with car smoke !!


So ki kariye k apna country jina sohna hai ona hi rahe for all the
generations to come ?? What are your suggestions..




ps : the photo attached is on the way to nathu la pass ( china border )
from gangtok..

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