To start with, it’s something to do with "Sab Maya Hai". This statement has got a deep meaning underlying it, which I am not fully aware of , may be not even a bit of it. First I heard it from my elder brother, Ajay, when I was in class VIII. Then I started hearing it from my younger bro, Nishant, in a bit modified form i.e. "Sab Time Pass hai".
As I said I don’t know the underlying meaning of these statements, but deep down inside my heart, I recognize their significance and keep taking their advantage whenever required/needed. I would like to mention such few incidents.

It was the final year of my post graduation, and we all were worried about our career and stuff like that. By the Almighty's grace it didn't take me long to find something which I was looking for .I started working as a Psychologist with one of Psychological firms in Mumbai. So was I happy?Not really....No don’t take me wrong , I was very happy for what I was doing, but it was a very hectic schedule .There was nothing else left but going from house to office & office to house . At that time I really used to wish ,I want something where I can take up my job as a fun and not as a burden....and very soon this wish of mine was fulfilled. I came to this place last year July. Again by Almighty's grace I started working in a hospital with every sort of flexibility and liberty. No burden at boss, no seniors, flexible hrs (choose your own working days). So basically, I was completely relaxed and what I wished, I got that. I must be very satisfied..Was I? No, because I was deprived of social life over here what could I do with my flexible hrs and leisure time. What does it get something and u start looking for something else...So basically U end up becoming unhappy for something that u don’t have and not just happy for getting something that u had wished for once... To wrap it up, as on today, I try to follow the "Sab Maya hai" or "Sab Time Pass hai”concept which helps me to take life as it comes to me. Does it mean stop having dreams and desires?? U can/should dream and fight for your wishes and desires to be fulfilled, but not the extent of leaving yourself with a sense of forever incompleteness, sadness, dissatisfaction. Take it easy folks, it’s all Time Pass. The sooner u learn it, the happier u would be...

So don’t take your life too seriously, otherwise u wouldn't come out of it alive and don’t read this blog too seriously, otherwise u will be entangled with Maya and Time pass.

Will tell you another incident later; have to go now for another time pass.



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