Here are some view of people with their City.


Girls safety is eye-catching. anyone can roam around without any fear, anytime, anywhere unlike Delhi. :/

Gandhi ashram is THE thing to look out for.
India's 1st Riverfront, India's 1st bus-rapid transit system.
India's 1st Drive-in cinema, India's 1st Multiplex.

Vibrant gujarat, International kite festival- happens only in AHMEDABAD.

In the field of Education, IIM-A ranks 1st, National institute of Design,
Space research, Fashion Technology, Environment planning-all in one place.

aapnu amdavad. jai-jai garvi Gujarat.

DURGAPUR known as the steel city....coz of all the steel factories out here.....

its a small city....but to me its the best......

the greenary...planning...people of mah city rockzzzzz.......moreover an airport is coming up out here....within a few years......

Durgapur is also referred to as 2nd Kolkata.....might b coz of its development......




I'm from Hyderabad and so I love my place. According to me Hyd is the best place.
I've been to almost all the big cities of India. My preference next to Hyd would be Mumbai. those beaches attracted me the most. The best place to settle down for shopping freaks like me.
I found Delhi to be a sleeping city during day with a best night life. Many historic places to visit in and around Delhi attracts many tourists.
Bangalore has a blend of modern and traditional culture. Best climate. Can frame it as a sweet city. I found many similarities in Bangalore ppl's lifestyle and Hyd ppl's lifestyle. It can be because of major IT Conc. in these two cities.
My stay in Chennai was very little may be a day and a half. I neither visited any place nor did shopping in Chennai as I was nervous abt my Visa stamping that time and so cant really comment on it.
Pune is a green city, but the greenery is not organised. The best places in Pune I found are the cantonment area and DRDO Campus. Its a good place for trackers.
Calcutta is a wonderful place again especially for shopaholics, sweet lovers. I love the roshogulla made in Calcutta. Just love them. Can eat atleast 5 in one take. Many designer boutiques( such as Satyapal) attracted me. Though I find them in Hyd, its quite cheap in Calcutta.
-Madhuri Kashyap


Here im. I live in a very small city Silchar(which is also my hometown), compard 2 da rest. My city lacks da glitz , glamour, basic needs fo amusmnts, & lacks many things in many regard. Its quite backward compared to all yours' cities. Although i hav so mny complaints regrdng my city but still i love my city a lot.. altho' i dnt enjoy as much as u ppl do.. bt stil im so attachd to it coz not onli its my hometown but also.. i have my loved ones family, friends out here...
Normally .. whil being here.. i dont value my city.. but whenevr im outside.. i miss my place a lot. &.. i think unlike thos ppl whu r born in metros, lik me , thos whu r born in smaller cities.. come to metros fo career, too, misses their native place a lot.




Chandigarh Simply Rockxx...!!

A Rap on Chandigarh

"Jet Black Films, Hard Chrome Rims
Jazzy Ride Wid Angel Eyes,
Hot Chicks Being Hypnotized.

Spiky Hair n HArd Kaur Rock,
Bapu's Feel D Culture Shock..

A Hand on Horn, other on Phone,
Rayban's r on Till Dusk From Dawn.

Twist n Turn, Drift n Drag,
Pockets Burn N Mouths Fag..

Dad is Rich D Boys brag
Studies R Whr Dey Only Lag.

Evenings Cheered Wid Scotch n Beer,
Pocketed Pistols Fuck The Fear...


WeLcOmE To aPnA CHANDIGARH My DEaR......!!!!!!"



Oh common, mumbai is the costliest place Compare to all the states of the India .

Mumbai is the state of opportunities, where people come in from all around the country
to shape their careers.but it is the costliest place, Only rich people can survive there.

Even Gujarat is a Good place .It has a good infrastructure,library, workshop .Golds are available & many things etc .Inspite of all this, Gujarat is cheap, things are cheap .

Whatever, EAST OR WEST Bangalore is the BEST .

Bangalore is the second fastest growing city all over the world .First is washington
I am happy & blessed to stay in bangalore though i am a tamilian, but i dont like tamilnadu BUT i like bangalore.

I invite all my friends to visit bangalore. Guys, If you come to bangalore & If anybody
messes with you tell them 'Maari Muthu' they will run away .




its da city of sweet sweet kudiyan
mathae te ohna de bindiya

its da place where one can never be bored

its da combination of mrng day nd night life:P
u can enjy in each and evry respect

diwali par aao dekho delhi ek city nai lightning city lagegi and u will love da view frm tv tower:P:P

delhi \m/


CHeers !!! Happy DIWALI!

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