India is essentially an agricultural country. It is a land of villages inhabited mostly by farmers. The Indian farmers really and truly represents India. Undoubtedly, Farmers are the most hard working people around the world. These are the people who feeds other people. Just imagine life without farmers. If there were no farmers who would have grown rice, grains and all eating stuff, how people would have lived. In short, life would not have been possible without farmers.

He (farmer) is sun burnt, hard worker, strong and sturdy. He gets up at cock crow and leaves for his field after taking a simple meal. After reaching his field, he gets busy with different operations such as ploughing, weeding, sowing, etc. He has to be very methodical and punctual at his work . He must keep the field ready before the onset of monsoon or else he will be a loser.

His wife brings him a mid-day meal. Both usually sit under shady tree and enjoy the meal. After taking meal, he takes one small nap. Again, he gets himself busy into work uninterruptedly until sunset.

Then he returns back to home, feeds his bullocks and enjoy his dinner. After having dinner, to refresh his mind, he chit chats with his neighbours, friends and then he goes to sleep. Farmers are the persons who build field crops. Farmers are usually members of regional or national farmers unions or associations. Recently, Government has put in lot of efforts to improve the conditions of farmers but still, toll of farmers deaths increases. It is not reduced. This might be due to lack of finance, over pressure of loan taken from banks, not being able to prepare his field before monsoon and as a result , losing all fertilisers and his efforts into vain. keeping all these into consideration, Government is still trying its level best to help farmers and reduce the toll of deaths.

We should be grateful and sympathetic to the farmers to whom we owe our existence. He is rightly known as the feeder of the nation.

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