Multistoried buildings and slums are common in a city

Houses in rural areas

There are small houses. A pucca house, it will have two small rooms, a kitchen room and a toilet. This is because raw materials are expensive and will need to employ many construction laborers.

Houses in urban areas

In big cities and towns, people live in pucca houses. These houses are made of bricks, iron and steel, cement, and glass. These houses are strong and last for a long time. They d not need to be repaired often.

Multistoried buildings

There are many multistoried buildings in cities. Multistoried buildings are tall buildings with many floors. Each floor has many flats. Hundreds of people live in a multistoried building.

The multistoried buildings complex usually has all the modern facilities such as a shopping centre, community hall and a park. This makes life ways for people who live there.


You must have seen jhuggi colonies in your city where small temporary hoses are built very close to one another. These are called slums. Poor people like construction laborers, rickshaw pullers and factory workers live in these slums. They make kachcha houses with cheap and readily available materials like plastic and tin sheets.

The people in slums live in unhygienic conditions. There is no safe drinking water and proper toilet facilities foe them. Stagnant water and garbage is found all over, it is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies.

Dharavi in Mumbai is one of the largest slums in Asia. More than one million people live here.

Old houses

Meenal is in Bhopal these days. She has come t visit her grandparents. Her grandparents stay in their ancestral house. It is a big house with a lawn in front.

The house has high ceilings in all the rooms. But this is not o in meenal’s flat in Delhi. Her grandfather tells her that in earlier times houses had much higher ceilings as compared to day’s houses.

Another difference that Meenal spotted between her hose and her grandparents’ house is that the toilet and bathroom were in the backyard. Meenal’s grandmother told her that in earlier times, toilets and bathrooms were always constructed a little away from the house. Se also told her that there used to be a well in the backyard. Now it has been covered.

The hose has a big kitchen. However, it does not have a slab to cut vegetables and cook. This is because in olden days women cooked food sitting on the floor.





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