Story of every village in India


1. There are lot of green tree and small plant and flowers.

2. Finance problem for average person so giving education is difficult.

3. If there is any job then lot of candidate try his power to get job but value of job is not

more that Rs.5000 Per month.

4. Blackmailing of seeds, sugar, rice etc.

5. Politics in distributing things among villagers.

6. Fight for land and other things.

7. Young person torching old person because he is not able to do work and extra expense made by main person for them.

8. Abusing to wife and children is normal things.

9. Sometime fight for water supply for farm.

10. Rummy game by children’s in mostly afternoon and in morning taas ke patte.

11.Thiefs always eyes for his chance some matter come in night from far village.

12.In food normally in Uttar Pradesh side take chapatti and vegetable in afternoon and rice in night.

13. Drink tea in morning and evening.

14. Smoking cigarette and taking pan or tobacco is normal things in villages.

15. They talk mostly for politics.

I have written as per my experience from my village.



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Should the Politician whose name is in the data of "Swiss Bank" should be given Punishment ?
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