Children’s zoo park

Chintu is not silly a boy and not an innocent in the first in the class. He is best in the school. His grand mother love very much. He has more friends in the neighbor houses. He is doing best His reading well his behaving well. He is a happy boy he always plays with his friends. He is respects all. So his likes all. He reads library books he watches the television. Video game cricket play his hobbies. He drinks neat he neither coffee nor tea. He drinks only milk it is good for health. He did do exercises with his father in the armoring for healthy. He did not disturb guests. No one boy is as better than as Chintu in that aria. He dressed colored new designs. He looks like as new any time. Cat and a dog are his best friends. He likes more animals.

He went to Zoo Park with his mother. Had jueely mummy nithin mother would be there. These three mothers are friends. When where are they will go with too.

A white monkey and a block monkey fighting for a banana. He throne some bananas those cached and stopped war to eats.

Parrots are beauty talks. Peacocks are dancing exhalent. Deer are playing on grass ground. Camel zebra elephant are slowly walking for trees leaf. Lion is in sleeping in a bone. A tiger is sounding highly with the red eyes. It is angry with the hungry. It is new for the zoo. It was brought by the forest officer staff from the forest. Lilley afraid she is a visitor.

``I have snaked ice creams in zoo park enjoyed that day with the happy fun’’ Chintu told all this to his friends.

1) Elephants are afraid of mice. No way are elephants only scared of human beings, lions and tigers.

2) Mice love cheese. While Mickey mouse and jerry and other `story’ might find cheese a super treats, real mice do not. They like seeds, nuts and vegetables.

3) Bats are blind. They are not. However, they hardly use their eyes. They depend on their ears to help them move! And this is why they can fly in the dark.

4) Owls are blind during day. Owls can probably see well than you and me in daylight and again like us they can’t see at all when it is pitch dark. The only difference is they can see better in dim light.

5) Camels store water in their humps. What rubbish! The hump is not a water bottle! Camels store fat in their humps. So when they can’t get food or water, they digest the fat which has some liquid too.

6) Centipedes have a hundred legs. Through `centi’ means hundred and `pede’ means feet, next centipedes have fewer than 50 legs. Though there are some which might have 200!

7) In the natural world, a plant or animal adapts or changes itself to suit its surroundings or particular way of life.

8) Animals can be grouped according to their habitat as a. terrestrial b. aquatic c. amphibian d. aerial and e. arboreal.

9) According to their food habits animals are either herbivores, carnivores, omnivores or parasites.

10) Fast movement, large size or merging with the surroundings is some ways by which animals protect themselves from their enemies.



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