Unforgettable Christmas

I still remember those nights before Christmas when I was a child and used to hang a red socks to my window before sleeping. I expected that Santa would drop in some gifts and indeed the next morning the socks would  be filled with chocolates. This continued for some years and one Christmas morning I woke up early to find, it was not santa but my dad who packed the socks with chocolates. A tear rolled down my eyes and I ran and hugged my secret santa who never left his daughter disappointed on Christmas.

This Christmas was even more exciting. My brother had come from goa (people usually go to goa for Christmas but my bhai had come home on his college vacation) and we decided to have a bang this Christmas. We called up our common friend and he arranged three tickets for ‘3 idiots’. But as luck would have it, I lost my expensive levis goggle that evening and decided to cancel the plan. My bro persuaded me and we all found ourselves enjoying the movie. The  movie was great and our bike ride after that even more greater. The three of us were on one bike(trippli) and battling through the body shivering cold of pune. It felt like the same scene from the movie when the 3 idiots went triple seat for their exams. Ya, of course, we were never the less from the 3 idiots.

Movie was followed by pasta and rum cake at my house. And then I got the unexpected- my brother gifted me some exquisite floating candles that he had brought from goa. ‘What a great day this had been’ I recollected, but I still couldn’t forget the fact that I lost my expensive goggles and was feeling bad about it. To this our common friend and my  bro shouted- no tension, AAL IS WELL!

This was my great experience
this Christmas. Guyz and Gals if you also had some great fun this
Christmas, just share your memories. I  am waiting. :-)

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