When we look at successful people, we generally think they were lucky to have a smooth path, which easily led them to success. We think they did not have any hurdles; they did not have any problems. What people fail to realize is that successful people are successful in spite of problems and hurdles. This is because they know how to turn every problem into an advantage, and every hurdle into a stepping-stone. They do not allow adversity, failure or disappointment to pull them down. In short they are determination to do it, come, what may!

 Wilma Rudolph, an Olympic gold medalist was one such girl who was determination to succeed. Wilma was born in Tennessee, into a very poor family. When she was four years old, she had double Pneumonia combined with scarlet fever and this left her paralyzed with polio. She had to wear braces and the doctors said she will never be able to walk. In spite of what the doctors said, Wilma told her mother, `I want to be fastest woman on the track, on this earth.’ Her mother’s reaction was very encouraging. She told Wilma what with determination, persistence and faith in God, she can achieve her goal.

 Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, Wilma exercised. When she was nine years old, against the advice of doctors, she took –off the brace. She took her first step! Wilma defied the doctor’s prediction that she would never walk. With persistent efforts and exercise, she started walking like anyone else.

 Wilma then started training as a runner. At the age of 13, she entered her first race. She came last in the race. She came last in the following race too. Then she started improving race after race. Finally she came first in a race!

 When Wilma was 15, she met a coach by the name ED Temple, at the Tennessee State University. She told him that she wanted to be the fastest woman on the track on this earth. Temple was ready to help her. He told her that with her spirit nobody can stop her.

 After training with Ed, Wilma was finally at the Olympic in 1960, competing with the best of the runners in the world. Among them was a woman named Jutta Hiena who was just unbeatable. The first event was a 100-meters race, in which Wilma beat Jutta Hiena and won her first gold medal! In the second event, the 200 –meter race, Wilma beat Jutta Hiena again and won her second gold medal. In the third event, the 400- meter relay, she had to race against Jutta once again.

 Wilma dropped the baton in her turn in the relay. She had almost lost. With all her determination, she picked the baton and ran like a machine. She beat Jutta again and won her third gold medal. History was created when a paralytic woman became the fastest woman on the earth.

 Thus, Wilma did not let her handicap limit her. Instead, she dared to dream that she would falsify the doctor’s predictions. With her determination, she turned her dream into a reality.


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