All of us need to have rest and fun. We have fun when we do things we enjoy. This is called recreation. Games, music programs, puppet shows and fairs are the different types of recreational activities.

Children love to play. Outdoor games help the children use their energy. It also makes them happy. They also get to meet their friends.

Games are fun


Ragini and her classmates like Tuesdays and Thursday. This is because they have a games period on these days. During the games period the children play cricket, basketball, football and Kho-Kho. Some children even play indoor games like chess and carom.

Ragini’s school provides all the things needed for the different games. The children return the bats, balls, racquets, shuttlecocks and other things to their sports teacher when the games period is over.

Rohit is Ragini’s classmate. One of his legs was affected with polio, due to which he limps. But that does not stop him from playing. His classmates love to play with him. They include him an all the games.

Playing fairly

Sometimes children get arguments and quarrels while playing. If that happens, you should take the help of your sports teacher or any other elder to settle the issue. To avoid fights we must follow the rules of the game.

Even grown-up people get into arguments while plying. Each sport has an umpire or a referee to see that the game is played fairly and according to the rules.

Women power

There is a belief that girls cannot play as well the boys. This is not true. Sania Mirza (tennis), Karnam Malleswari (weight lifting), PT Usha (athletics), Anju Bobby George (long jump), and Anjali Bhagawat (shooting), have won many medals at the international level. They have proved that girls are equally tough competitors.

Play together

The sports teacher in Ragini’s school encourages all boys and girls to play together. They play cricket, badminton, tennis and chess.

We must play with every one. The more children there are the more fun it will be. Next time when you play a game, try to include as many children as you can. For example, when you play cricket you can make new rules.

Each child gets to face only six balls. So many more children can be included in the team instead of just 11. This will also make the game more enjoyable.

Games at home

After school and on holidays, Ragini plays with her friends in the neighborhood. Hari is the son of a helper in Ragini’s house. He also plays with them. Together they play hopscotch, hide and seek, and blind man’s bluff.

Hari is an expert in spinning tops. He knows a lot of tricks. He is also good at flying kites. In the kite-flying competition that children have on 15 August, Hari leads the group.

At the fair

Ragini is very excited. She will go to a fair with her family.

There are many stalls at the fair. The games stalls are very popular with the children. There are many games where one can win prizes too. Delicious food from different states is also available.



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