Netherlands is controlled by the government and the second chamber. Half the deputies are chosen by the Dutch kiesgerechtige. Once in the room seems sometimes that a deputy had lied about his resume or have taken offense.

Since the half MPs an important task and an example of morally responsibility to demonstrate to the people of the Netherlands, is an incorrect acting deputy pressure from other parties or public opinion or from within his own party sometimes forced to resign. If an MP does not voluntarily step down or there open the option to still continue in the party or group of one.

Criminals in the House

The latter two possibilities discuss approx. Indeed, when a lying, dishonest or convicted person a management position, there is a socially undesirable situation. Nobody wants a full or half criminal in the second room. Because the person is entitled to a group of one to start, the party headquarters would rather keep within the party. The right to start a group of one is logical if there is a political issue played. In the current situation, the Board forced to acting wrong, and say MPs condemned coverage.

Seat Removal

When an MP has become an unwelcome presence by lies or convictions in the past would have the option to force him to his room to terminate Membership. In this case the seat is not replaced by another and the party loses a seat in the room. The second chamber would have 149 seats have ear instead of 150, until the next election. It seems a severe punishment for a party to lose a seat but why is a politician not screened? When one applies for a janitor job at Schiphol is also a security survey by the AIVD. Thus a strict screeening may also apply for one of the most important and most responsible jobs in society.

More Time for the Real Work

The advantage is that there will be no more controversies about conflicts of interest by the employment activities, lying in the CV and legal convictions. Politicians will have more time for the real thing, and the inhabitants of the Netherlands is less need to complain.

From journalist to politician?

Another additional criterion is thought to be that journalists are not a politician. There are many examples of ministers who started as a column writer or work as a commentator for television. The media would be a kind of watchdog that the goings of politicians and other parts of the society to follow. When TV staff minister later then there may be conflicts of interest, because the media is that politicians get big grants from The Hague. Ronald Plasterk is a famous example of someone who subsidized by the media, become known and then the minister has met office.

Preventing Abuse

Having and maintaining a democracy requires an ongoing critical re-check of the conduct of persons within the system. There may be shortcomings in other areas to designate as the continued expansion of the civil service and the use of committees with members who have paid have been in politics. The flow of funds spent on the administrative apparatus of the Netherlands would be clear for everyone to be portrayed. To begin, it is good for people with no legal conviction involving driving Netherlands. Plato wrote 2,600 years ago that an additional driver training for 20 years because they should have an important profession. They are also exposed to many temptations. Corruption is a permanent threat to every government and government. The additional training would therefore have to be dominated by the abuse of power. An additional training may be difficult to perform in a democracy when all elected politicians should have followed Sun training. Therefore, it can also be considered a learning process + work-for politicians with a thorough screening AIVD. In any case, avoid that a few months after the elections the second chamber a wheelbarrow full of frogs appears to be jumping.

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