It was a dark night and cold night. A family of six lit a fire and sat close around it to stay warm. Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door from out side.

``Who could that be? -Wondered the mother.

The knock came again, even louder. The father opened the door. An old man was standing at the door side. His clothes were tattered, his shoes were dusty and his hands were rough.

``God bless all, here,’’ he said. ``My name is Nagarjuna. People call me `Old Nag’. I am feeling cold and hungry. Would you please give me a cup of tea or coffee?’’

``Please sit down,’’ said the father. Everyone moved to make room for him beside the fire. The mother brought him a cup of hot tea and some biscuits. Old Nag thanked her.

When old Nag had finished, he looked across the room and saw a guitar and bow hanging on the wall.

``Who plays that?’’ he asked.

``that guitar has been hanging there for many years,’’ said grand mother. `` It has not been played since my father died’’.

``Old nag took down the guitar from the wall. He took a rag out of his pocket and dusted it. Then he tightened the strings and settled the guitar on his hand. He began to play with fingers. His old rough hands played some very melodious music.

He played loud and soft music for the grandmother. He played funny music, which made the children dance.

The grandmother had tears in her eyes. She got up held old Nag’s hands and said. ‘`God bless these wonderful hands. May they bring joy to people wherever you go? God take care of you on your journey’’.

Old Nag got up and hung the guitar in its place. He opened the door and said ``goodbye’’ to all of them, and went away with happy.

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