*The government of India recognizes citizens who have served the country with dedication and bravery. Di9fferent wards are given for different kinds of services, actions and skills.

  • Bharat Ratna is Indian’s highest award given to a civilian. It is awarded for highest degrees of national service. This service includes artistic, literary and scientific achievements, as well as public service.
  • The Param vir chakra is awarded to soldiers of al branches of military –army, navy, air force for the highest degree of bravery and self –sacrifice while fighting the enemy.
  • The National Films awards are declared yearly for films produced in India in the previous year. There are various awards such as best film, best actor, best actress, best director and many others.
  • The National bravery awards were started in 1957. The award was to recognized and honor children who performed outstanding deeds of bravery and selfless sacrifice.

*The awards are announced every year on November 14, children’s Day. The prime minister presents the awards on republic Day in New Delhi. The children, riding on elephants, the take part in the republic Day parade.

  • The Jnanpeeth Award started on May 22, 1961, is the country’s highest literary award. It is given for the best creative literary writing by any Indian citizen in any of the 18 recognized Indian in languages.
  • The Madhya Pradesh government started the Kalidas Samman in 1980. It is a national award given to outstanding artists in the field of fine arts, literature, cinema and culture.
  • The government of India launched the Gandhi peace Prize in 1995 0n the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary f Mahatma Gandhi. This is an annual award given to individuals and instructions for their contributions towards society through non-violence and other Gandhi methods.

*MS Subbulakshmi, the famous singer, was awarded the Bharat Ratna n 1998. She died on 11th December 2004.

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