by my wounds I have been intoxicated

by sadness,

my soul moans like a wounded wolf,

this painful howl looms over the moon

as days and destiny are painted blue,

all things are ridiculously seen,

the sun bounces on the platform of the sky,

the moon frolicks with the stars,

as all faith is made mute

by a melancholy fate


with fallen eyes I gaze at the wind,

death seems to be calling my name

from the darkest sanctum of an abyss,

I have never known till she left me


what ticket should I take to hell?

Is it poison?


Is it a gun?


now a river lies peacefully there,

bathing itself with itself,

my bed shouldn't worry tonight

because I desire to end my destiny,

here and now,

I shall go to sleep on the river's mattress

and drown myself in it's foul waters.

By Kakraba Afful



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