Book and paper Reading is a good habit. We knows new things by the reading, improved our mind.

Reading gives us a strange pleasure. Even child also enjoy happy in the story reading. A little poem about an animal, a small prose piece about the nature and a little sentence about the society he knows of, give him strange pleasure of reading. Reading is recreational as well as instructive. The effect which reading has on the human mind is, by its very nature, a source of pleasure.

Reading provides an exertion to the mind but the exertion is exciting and stimulating. Reading of novels makes a person forget the worries of life, reading of news papers, periodicals, etc. which is called light reading, gives the leader knowledge about human life and satisfies his curiosity about day to day happenings. News papers give information about the events in a locality, the state and the country as well as about other countries, and thus widen the out look of the readers. For educated people the reading of a newspaper is a source of pleasure, as well as information and instruction.

Novels some times make the reader smile. at other times, the make him shed tears over the sorrow of the hero or the heroine and provide a variety of other sentiments and emotions of love hatred, strength and weakness, hope and despair, success and failure, etc.

With the very young, like the students in a school, books on travel and adventure are very popular. The spirit of adventure is in the very blood of the youth. Students of higher classes study serious books and enjoy the freshness of ideas and intelligent of thought. They get pleasure out of mental satisfaction.

Whatever the topic or nature of a book, reading is a sign of culture. It is a source of knowledge and the best means of making use of one’s leisure.

The world of growing knowledge

In earlier times, people communicated with each other through sings, gestures or drawing pictures. With the advancement in the society, communication techniques also improved. Man learnt more from his experience. He passed on this knowledge from one generation to another, gradually the knowledge increased so much that it became difficult for him to memorize it. The various stages in the development of writing and communication make for an interesting study.

Earlier, people used to exchange their thoughts and views verbally. But it was difficult to remember each and every thing. So, they discovered the technique of writing which enabled them to pass their knowledge to the next generation. Earliest form of writing was in the form of pictures. Picture writing was invented in Mesopotamia before 3000 BC. The clay tablet was used for writing. Ancient Egyptian used more than symbols which were called hieroglyphics characters.

The first written language was Sumerian. On clay tablet pictures were drown using the wedge shaped characters which were called cuneiform. Cuneiform was also adapted for writing the languages of Mesopotamia’s neighbors- Persia and Hittite. China, Korea and Japan still use pictorial scripts. These scripts are difficult to read on write. One has to remember about 12000 pictures symbols to read a book in such a language.

Main scripts of writing found from the Indus civilization is in the form of around 2000 inscribed seals. Seals were used to make impressions on malleable material like clay.

Most Indian scripts have been derived from the brahmi script. Hindi, which is Devanagari script, also came from the ancient brahmi


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