1) Go to the Path: C:Program FilesApache GroupTomcat 4.1webapps Create the following directory structure Exampledate ( it’s a Folder Name) META-INF Manifest.mf – can be an empty file WEB-INF web.xml ExampleDate.jsp   2) ExampleDate.jsp:  Hello! The time is now 3) web.xml: DisplayDateJSP no description DisplayDateJSP DisplayDateJSP no description /ExampleDate.jsp 30 4) Deploying jsp program Go to the directory path C:Program FilesApache GroupTomcat 4.1bin – double click startup.bat(or) Go to command prompt C:Program FilesApache GroupTomcat 4.1binstartup.bat – Press Enter 5) Go to internet explorer: u will see 6) Now give http://localhost:8080/Exampledate/ExampleDate.jsp 7)  C:Program FilesApache GroupTomcat 4.1bin – double click shutdown.bat (or) Go to command prompt and press ctrl+c

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