As the title suggests "Mobile operating system", Android is a java based mobile operating system with which mobile applications can be developed. Android strongly supports java. Any other programming language is not supportive to android. Cell phones with Android as operating system are not much in market. Cell phones of HTC comes with Android as their operating system. Recently, HTC mobile named as "Hero" was launched with operating system as Android. Android is an open source and very easy to install. Recently, 1.6 version of android sdk has been released.

        All you need is to download SDK (Software Development Kit) which can be downloaded from . You also need to have Eclipse Ganymede or Eclipse Europa. SDK comes with virtual emulator which gets launched when any application is built in eclipse and ready for its execution or testing. Emulator gives exact look and feel of how your application will look on actual cell phone. Emulator, on its execution, gives UI of display sreen of a cell phone with num pad. When installed for first time, at the time of execution, virtual emulator takes time, may be 5 minutes or may be half an hour because it is running for the first time. APIs are also provided alongwith SDK.

        Android is not in use much in indian market as most of cell phone companies use symbian as operating system for their sell phones. But sooner, android will be in demand and will occupy the market, for sure.   

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