Your online reputation is important

You should know that it takes decades to make your reputation but to ruin it you need just couple of minutes and this is truer for your online image where it’s destroyed before you know it. Internet never forgets or forgives your shortcomings or ill manners. You should know that whenever you upload content on Internet that counts either making or breaking your image. Corporate sector is checking your reputation on-line to find out more about you and you would be surprised to know that what you did for the sake of fun a couple of years back might put you in their bad books.

The world is a smaller now

In real world you can always apologies for your mistakes and possibly the one whom you targeted might even forget your mistakes but digital world is too practical and place you in wrong corner for your mistakes. While you appreciated for your good work online at the same time slightest of carelessness can put you in deep trouble as well. Mistakes committed  on networking sites like a dirty photo, a bad comment can harm you immensely and ruin your future forever. 

False privacy satisfaction

Do not count much on privacy settings you think would keep you safe from detection- no way! If online world can help you connect with friends and family instantly also it can help bring your past in fore. Most people keep posting on Facebook, twitter, blogging sites and other social networking sites under the impression that they are not assessable but the fact is different, they are under a false impression as they are always traceable with different ways. There is nothing secret on Internet as the content replicated through search engines instantly.  

Your online reputation

Every activity of an on-line user makes his reputation, either way but for sure. When people look for you on Internet, the term known as ‘google you’ then every activity you performed shows instantly. With so many sites where you figure regularly this is hard to keep a track of every activity you were involve but search engines are smart enough and you cannot stay away from such sites in present times as well. Therefore the only way to keep your record clean is to make efforts for it, stay away from unwanted activities.

How to improve your reputation

The good or bad part is that you cannot remove your content from internet fully even if you delete it because search engines like Bing or google archive it to keep these available for searches, so the search engines have a big role to play in making or breaking your online reputation. Only people with technical knowledge of internet and its ways can save their privacy up to a certain level. However tech savvy people have an edge over others in this matter because they know how to use search engines to make their reputation in their favor.

How to improve your image by doing right activities 

DSC00336You can easily check your reputation on internet by typing your name or username in search bar, all about yourself and your reputation would appear in front of you instantly. The best way to improve your image is to concentrate on key words. If you have Facebook or blogger accounts use your name as much as possible as these pages would be right on top of searches about you, which would send the past records lower down the ranks.

Another way to improve your reputation is to create accounts on different social networking sites, different blogging and micro blogging sites, writing sites and reviewing sites and upload as many flat contents as possible for you. There is every chance that your new contents would come up while some one would search about you, just keep uploading fresh content more the better. Delete your old disputed photos from internet and upload as many fresh ones as possible that would make it more in your favor to downgrade the older ones and only latest photos appear in new searches.

Different ways of privacy settings

This is better to set your priorities in privacy section of a networking or writing sites as that helps in keeping your mailbox lesser crowded with unwanted stuff keep flooding it. Moreover, while you can stop unwanted mails at the same time you filter out spam or scam as well. Use ‘the green safe’ application to protect your data because it makes your profile tab ‘my info’ available for you ‘friends’ only. Later you can delete unwanted information from your profile to make it safer to upgrade your on-line reputation. You must allow ‘the green safe’ to use this app to your account by selecting ‘import your data’ and allow your profile. This is helpful to delete all past data from Facebook, even Facebook developers have no data left once you used it on your profile. Just google ‘the green safe’ to know more about it

UnFaced dot com is another site that helps you track your visitors although Facebook has not provided any such facility so far. UnFaced is a third party application that allows you successfully track your visitors where you can use your profile URL as your user name to track your visitors. Then you have google alert that provides you an alert if you have a gmail account where you can use your name or ID in RSS feed. This will give you an alert whenever there would be a post anywhere on any website but that is not practical for online workers who are present online for best part of the day as that would make you mailbox look like a big post office.  

Finally - do it now 

If you have not created you accounts on Linked In, twitter, Facebook or My Space or Stumble Upon etc yet this is right time to do it and start uploading your content and your personal data to improve you online reputation in right direction. I wish you all the best for a wonderful online experience building your carrier as this is going to be number one procedure to know all about you in near future.  

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