CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is a style sheet language.It is used to give attractive presentation to the documents which written in any markup languages.

This language is used to make stylish webpages witten in HTML(Hypertext Markup Languages) and XHTML formats.You can also use this languages in XML,SVG,XUL formats.

The Specifications of CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) was maintained by W3C(World Wide Web Consortium).

CSS codes contain ver simple syntax.

Once we declared the formats in a document ,then it is used all over the document dont need to specify at every place.

CSS is existed since from SGML in the year 1970s.

There are various levels of CSS ,to denote the various new features CSS is denoted as CSS1,CSS2,CSS3.

CSS2 was developed and published in the year 1998.

CSS3 was under development and it will be to us very soon.

A style Sheet will usually stored in browser cache.It can be used for multiple pages without reloading.


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