Obtaining unique traffic for a website by promoting for giving publicity is known as SEO. In simple words, making a website popular is known as Search Engine Optimization. The number of impressions of a website is known as traffic. Impressions are page views of a website. Structuring the website search engine friendly by adopting the algorithms of search engine is the primary aim of SEO. The Search engine optimization is performed for getting visitors from the search engine. The people who perform search engine optimization are known as Search Engine Optimizer. Most of the optimizers perform search engine optimization by following algorithms or rules of Google search Engine as Google Search Engine is the best Search Engine in the web world. But we can even perform search Engine optimization by adopting MSN, yahoo, Alexa algorithms, if we are interested to rank our website in these search engines also. Actually if we have better rank in Google then automatically in some of search Engines our website will rank high. But Google is the best among all the search engines and most of the users prefer Google search Engines only. We can even get traffic very easily through social media and social websites.

Content is very important

Content is the first step of SEO. If the website contains quality SEO content by using good keywords, then there will be good traffic to the website. Getting leads from the website is the success of the website and SEO. Without search engine Optimization no website can be successful. Make website appears in top 10 websites in the search engine for a particular keyword used by the end users to obtain the information they desire. 

Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization is best for a website. But using tools and paying money to get traffic for advertising the website in less time is not a healthy traffic for a website. The words typed by the end users in the search box for obtaining the desired information are known as keywords. Without SEO no search Engine can recognize a website because every Search Engine is built by following few algorithms. Therefore, algorithms vary from one search engine to other search engines. Google search Engine is very strict, and search engines like yahoo, Bing are very liberal.

People feel that Search Engines rate websites, but the fact is search engines rate web pages. We can learn search engine optimization very well through the web. Search Engine ranks websites with their page rank and traffic. But first it gives priority to page rank and then traffic. Page rank will be given by the Google according to the traffic and back links of the website.

How search engine operates

There are 2 functions of search Engine which are very important.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing


These are also known as crawls, spiders, robots and bots. When our website is submitted to the search Engine then the bots of the search engine will enter into our website and they start studying our website and the content present in the website. They bind each and every page of the website automatically by studying. Actually every search Engine contains some millions and trillions of bots with different algorithms. But these bots cannot study any coding and images, especially java script. So when we include an image we use ALT tag to the image so that they can read the image also.


When we type our website name in the Google search box then our website should appear. This is known as Indexing. For indexing a website, it takes a few days. The content in the website is indexed by html text and images with related formats. 

Simply SEO makes our website easy searchable by the users.

There are two types of SEO

  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization

On page Optimization :

Optimization of elements which are present on the website is known as On page Optimization.

Off Page Optimization:

The techniques used to promote a website are known as off page optimization.

No website can become successful without performing both off page and on page optimization.

SEO is not just a free traffic. When you want to be successful in performing SEO to your website then you should keep in mind that your website goal and the goal of the end user match. For example, the goal of your website is to sell a pen drive. Then the aim of end users should be to purchase the pen drive. So both the goals are related to each other. Therefore, both goals matched and SEO becomes successful for your website. According to our goal, we should optimize with a related keyword. So in the above example the keywords will be like ‘Get a pen drive’, ‘4gb Pen drive’ etc

How to find right Keywords

There are 2 methods of finding right keywords.

  1. Manual
  2. Tools


This is done through research. Suppose the content in the website is about Dhokla recipe. So to perform SEO we need to use the right keywords in this recipe article. Therefore, type Dhokla recipe in Google search box. A list of websites appears in Google with the Dhokla recipe keyword highlighted. So in Google, you can view related keywords of this keyword. The related keywords like Dhokla Recipe, Besan Dhokla Recipe, Gujarati Dhokla recipe, Gujarati Instant snack, Indian vegetarian dhokla, khatta dhokla, white dhokla, rava dhokla recipe, suji dhokla recipe etc.


There are numerous tools available for searching the right keywords which are specially designed. Some of the tools are word tracker and Google adword tool. Most of the search engine optimizers and content writers use Google adword tool. In this tool when we give a keyword in the column, then it will show the demand of the keyword and related keywords with their priority. Therefore, we need to analyze those keywords which are useful and insert in our articles, titles, descriptions and keywords.

Search engine Optimization can be performed for a website and even to blogs. In search engine Optimization everything depends upon the keywords only. Therefore, we can say keywords play a key role in the performance of SEO.

Actually On page Optimization is more important compared to the off page optimization. But both of them are mandatory for the success of the website. It is mostly working with html tags. Some of the techniques we implement in this optimization are

  1. Keyword analysis
  2. Building site map.
  3. Meta Tags development.

On page optimization deals with the elements on the webpage for a particular website to get maximum results from the search engines for targeted keyword.

Meta tag development

There are 3 meta tags:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Keyword


The title size must have 53 characters. The keywords of the website must be inserted in the title. The titles included in the title tag are the first information on the website. So the title must be attractive, informative and contains keywords. Therefore, by seeing the title the end users get attracted and visit our website by clicking on our website link. The title which we insert in the title tag will display at the top of the website in blue bar. If the title size extends 53 then it won’t be attractive and after 53 characters remaining characters won’t display and instead of them dots {….} will display.

Syntax of title:


The syntax of title is same as html title tag. <Title> is the opening tag of the title tag and </Title> is the closing tag of the title tag. In the place of the Text we should write our title.

For example:

<title>latest technical devices</title>


It is also known as Meta description. The description size must be 160 characters only. Meta description is the description for a particular page. So when we have a website and performing On page optimization then we should write Meta description for each and every page for the website. Even meta description also should contain keywords and it should be informative and attractive. It should be written brief about the website. So it is also very important. After seeing the title, the end user goes to the description. The description is the valuable information and should be written in interesting manner. Then the end user will surely visit the website. If the number of characters of the Meta description exceeds 160 characters then the description will be displayed in the search engine up to 160 characters and remaining character will not be displayed and instead of them dot will be displayed {…}.

Syntax of Meta description:

<Meta name=“description “content=”....“>

In this syntax Meta is a tag, name means content name, so it is description and content means the description which you want to insert.


<Meta name=”description” content=” Techno coverage consists all kinds of technical devices like mobiles, tablets, computers etc”>


It is also known as Meta keyword. We can insert only 30 keywords. If it extends the limit then it leads to spamming. For finding correct keywords we should implement keyword analysis or keyword research. We even need to check the popularity of the keyword before inserting them.

First we have to analyze the keywords by ourselves. For that we need to assume ourselves as end users. Then only we can reach the correct keywords which end user use. For clear understanding, suppose there is a website about technology. And it needs right keywords. Then we need assume ourselves as an end user who is searching for technology. So choose those keywords we prefer to type in the Google search box. Suppose the keyword is Latest galaxy 800 tablet. So this is a keyword and by research we can find near keywords also and their popularity. Then only we should include them in our keyword tag. So when end user type that keyword in the Google search Box then the page related to that keyword will appear first in the search engine.

All these meta tag development should be implement through view source of the webpage by using tools like dreamweaver.

Off page Optimization:

In Off page Optimization we mostly work with link building or getting back links for visibility and popularity.

The list of techniques of Off Page Optimization for performing SEO to the website.

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Blog commenting
  3. Video submission
  4. Rss Submission
  5. Yellow pages
  6. Blog Directories
  7. Social book marking
  8. Local directories
  9. Photo submission
  10. Blog Creation
  11. Article Submission
  12. Social Media Marketing

Directory Submissions

Directories are the websites which contain updated information according to the categories. For submitting your website in updated directories we have to visit directory critic website where all updated free directories are available.  We have to browse each directory and go to the category which your website is related then try to find the option submit or submit story or submit news or my profile or profile etc. If these are not available then search each every option, and then a form appears with columns that is title, description, email id, tags, and a spam image. We need to fill all those columns and click on submit. Sometimes some of the directories need to get registered and login. Remaining process is same. In some websites, there will be categories that are regular, reviewed, reciprocal, paid. We always should choose regular only. For the approval of our website it takes 1 day to 6 months of time. When your website is got approved then you will get a mail from the website.

Video submission

There many video submission sites available in Google search engine. We can browse them easily. We need to first register and then conform it through email by clicking on the website. Then you need to search for submit option or submit story or submit video or any option for submission then click on it. Then a form appears with columns title, category, description and upload or uploads videos. Then we need to fill all these columns and upload the video. Click on the submit. After submitting we need to check the video whether it is properly submitted. So play the video in that website where you have submitted. Now take the url of that played video page so that the link shows our video.

Social book marketing

There are many social book marking websites available in the search engine. Some of the websites like social adda.com, addthis.com and many more sites. Browse each website, then register, confirm the mail and login. First search for the submit story or news or submit news or my profile or profile or new blink or account. If these are not available please search every option then a form appears which contains title, description, keywords or tags, category and spam image. Fill all these and click on submit button. Then search for the link your have submitted by clicking on the profile or account or my account where you can see all the links submitted by you. Then click on the link then it redirects to the website which you submitted.

Forum posting

Browse  dofollow forums in Google. Then first register the forum site and confirm through email. Now login. Hence search for the signature in user control panel or my account or profile or my profile. Click on the edit signature with BB code.

BBcode: [Url] website address [/Url]

Then click on submit button.

Now go to forums section, post 3 replies in different categories which are related to your website concept.

We can perform forum posting for the forums with related keywords which can give more traffic and visibility. So type a keyword in Google search Box which is related to your website. Then go to show options in Google search engine at left site it appears. There it will show after 1 minute, after 24 hours, after 48 hours, after 1 day. When we click on the 1 minute then the sites which are updated 1 minute ago will appear, so those forums are active forums. So we mostly prefer 1 minutes, 24 hours. The remaining process is same as the forum posting method specified above.

Blog commenting

We have to type keywords+ blog in Google search Box. Here keyword means related keyword to your site. For example my site is related to latest mobiles. So here the keyword can be ‘Samsung 2753 mobile’. Now we need to type ‘samsung 2753+blog’ so that the blogs related to this keyword will appear. Then go to show options and latest blogs related to that keyword will appear. We need to browse active blogs. Read the content in the blog and click on the comment. Then give keyword as name in the name column, email id, your website and then give your comment in the comment column. But don’t give simple comments like thank, nice, wow, very nice etc. these come under spamming. We should give comment in such a way that the author of the blog should reply to our comment.

Avoid blog spot and word press blogs as the link which we submit with the comment won’t be accessible.

Rss submission , blog directories, yellow pages, local directories, photo submissions are same as just we need to register, login and submit the information which they ask.

Blog Creation

Creating a blog is very simple. Just browse bloger or wordpress and many more free blogs and paid blogs are available. Just create a blog for your website with your mail id and password. Then attach your blog to your website. Then start blogging about your website and post latest news about your website.

Article Submission

There are many articles submission sites available in the Google. We need to browse each site. Then register, confirm and login. Then submit article in submit story. After submitting check the article whether it is posted properly or not. The pages where your article appears take its link. It takes some days for approving your article. When your article gets approve then you will get a mail of approval from the website.

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