There are many reasons why you would like to change web hosting provider . Your current provider does not have the support you wait, the servers always have problems because they do not meet new technical requirements or simply because he found a cheaper alternative. Whatever the reasons, he found a new provider and need to transfer your website to new servers.

Below is the procedure to be used to transfer your website to a new web hosting provider, seeking to avoid service cuts and be as transparent as possible.

If you are transferring your site to an account in not need to perform the steps above, all prices for web hosting include the transfer of data to our servers, you only need to generate a support ticket and we'll take care.

hostSet the date of transfer

The ideal is to schedule the transfer of your website, at least 1 month before the date of termination of contract with their current provider. This period allows sufficient time to make several attempts and trials.

Registration in the new web hosting provider

Now, enter the service with the new web hosting provider. Depending on your new provider, usually your new web hosting account will be activated within 24 hours.

Create a full backup of your website

There are several ways to accomplish this task. Many providers use cPanel as control panel, you can use the File Manager and compress your www or public_html directory, you have everything your web site in 1 file compressed, easy to download and upload to new servers. If you do not have access to this tool, you can use an FTP program and import all the files on your website.

If your site uses a database, you must create a backup using the tools current provider offers.

hostingTransfer data to new web hosting provider

Once you are notified that your web hosting account has been created with your new provider, I can start uploading the archive or pages of your website. Generally, web hosting provider notified the hosting account creation by email where specified: access control panel, FTP and temporary alternative address or check your web site while the domain propagates.

Once you've finished uploading all files and databases, you can now use the temporary URL to test your website.


Using the temporary address, your new web hosting provider assigned, please test all scripts, hyperlinks and access to the database. Test that everything is working on the new server.

While performing tests using the temporary URL, your website hosted on the old provider will continue to operate.

Point the domain to the new hosting provider

Once you have finished testing the new website at the temporary address and verified that it works perfectly, the next step is to contact your current domain name registrar (ie the company where you register your domain name) to change the DNS (Domain Name Server) to point to the new DNS of your new web hosting provider.

Usually, the DNS information is sent via email after successful registration to the new web hosting provider.

The propagation of changes can take from 24 to 48 hours, during this period, some visitors will enter the old provider.

Alternatively, you can enter a mark on the page in the new provider, so you will know you are entering the new server and domain are propagated correctly.


Final Test

After the propagation period (24 to 48 hours), your site is online at the new web host. Must repeat all tests to make sure your site is fully functional. Once it is confirmed that its new website is working properly, you can download to enable your account on the old server.

NOTE: Please note that the steps described above do not include domain transfer. Please contact your dealer for more information.

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