Introduction: Man’s desire to know the unknown is never satisfied. To satisfy his desire or thirst for knowledge, he accepts the denomination of science. Science will not step down from its high throne as long as desire to penetrate the secret and the unknown regions of knowledge remains.

Science and Civilization: Civilization has reached its present ebb fully on account of science. New inventions are so very necessary for the full growth of human civilization. Without the constant aid of science, the progress of mankind will come to a stand-still. Sometimes, science, coming in possession of evil powers, destroys man but sometimes, when it comes in possession of good and benevolent hands, saves man. Science in the present time is leading man to complete destruction because it has fallen into the hands of the mischievous representatives of mankind. Science will dominate every sphere of life as long as it leads to new inventions for welfare or destruction of mankind. The modern world is moving onward at a fast speed on account of numberless blessings of science. The hitherto unknown universe is on the verge of complete exploration by virtue of the achievements of science. On the other hand, science has made the situation formidable and dreadful by arming man with fearful weapons.

Science and New Problems of Human life: The world will continue to progress at a breath-taking pace for ever. Discoveries will be of primary importance. They will contribute to the advancement of science. To fight disease, to make travel faster and more convenient and to live in great luxury, the helping hand of science is vitally necessary. As the time passes, man becomes increasingly dependent on science for his everyday needs. New problems appear on the face of the earth every hour. It threatens the very existence of man. Science has helped man to overcome it to a great extent. But man has to conquer still many natural forces. To subjugate these, he will have to turn to science for new discoveries. Science has given those weapons to man to control. Mankind has to use science to protect itself from destruction by these agents. It has also to bring these weapons under control through science. Though science may constantly and ultimately lead to complete destruction, yet it will help to reconstruct. Thus, science will occupy it’s much covet position for years to come. It should invent nothing against which it cannot protect its existence.

Science and its Death: science will die a natural death if mankind is completely wiped out from the surface of the earth. But it will come into existence again to civilize the next generation of animals. As it appears, total destruction is a remote truth. Man will use its good sense to save himself from destruction.  In the field of destruction, science has perhaps reached its zenith. No weapon, more fearful than those in use, can possibly be invented. Mankind is experiencing the evil effects of these inventions. It knows that a global war with these weapons would, sooner or later, do annihilation. This will dissuade it from seeking to invent for more harmful and destructive weapons which will make the peaceful co-existence a dream.

Conclusion: It can be said that science has bright future. It will make all possible efforts for the welfare of humanity. It used with benevolent intentions; it will not only stop conflict but also protect mankind against destruction. Science will make man the Master of nature and its forces in near future. It is possible only on one condition that it should not come in the full possession of politicians who have knowledge but no morale; who are clever, shrewd and cunning but not wise, discriminate and discreet. Science should be combined with morality and then both should have unshaken faith in the welfare of man.

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