The Earth is unique, with the presence of an atmosphere, and life. Many scientific inventions have not yet been enough to find a single existence of life anywhere around the universe. This makes the earth the most unique place to live and the environment of the earth makes it possible for living beings to go on finding their subsistence. Human is the single most living species of earth and continue its endeavor to control earth through proper reasoning and analytical minds. Human is the most sensitive living species residing in this live planet which requires clean air, uncontaminated foods, clean water and comparatively cooler climate. Possibly, humanity has been the most brilliant reasoning mind where his intellect enables to build many artificial mediums which can work in with comparatively different environmental situations and elements that are vital to the existence of human beings.

Creation of an air conditioning system, large monitors, computers, virtual world, artificial water purification system, vehicles are all meant for genteel comfort of human beings which aims to strive with deeper rational mind for complete suitable mediums to live under natural atmosphere. Human beings have utilized their intellectual property to create an artificial atmosphere straight under the hood of the natural environment. It amounts to creation of discrete dynamic mediums through complete utilization of natural resources which recycled into artificial units. Most of these unnatural inventions streams out of blood of wasted gas not requisite for life inside earth thus contaminating existing natural atmosphere. All these are symbols of human progress and it comes with a cost. All these symbols of human development hurt directly into the environment and it creates a deeper negative impact on the working of the atmosphere.

Corporate social responsibility:

So far no other planet has its native atmosphere like Earth. It separates and protects us from environmental hazards and different radiation effects. Thankfully, of late most of intelligent thinkers of earth are unanimous in opposing the presence of distinctive environmental hazards and try hard to make up all those unfavorable instants with a proper realization of saving this unique planet. It is simple, if the earth is not there, we will not use to be so. We have to preserve it and make it more spontaneous so that the precious atmosphere of the earth is preserved for us and for future generations. It creates awareness and a sense of responsibility among masses to save earth. Numerous corporate, political parties and non-governmental organizations are observing awareness campaigns through various communication mediums to send these messages to the masses.

Corporate social responsibility empowers corporate to patronize diverse initiatives to compensate loss of natural resources through forestation and mass plantation. Students learn to plant and patronize a tree in their household and many institutions award them point. In this way, lay man is now more eco-conscious and alert to save earth from imminent destruction. It is now a buzzwordamong youths and social media enthusiasts and it has become pride and it corroborates the sense of richness in keeping the environment stays away from different perceivable hazards. Going green is all about becoming a green warrior in saving natural resources of Earth. Biological resources are not perennial; it needs to be preserved at any cost. Geographical resources can fight effectively with climate change. It is a noteworthy fact that only nature can fight with nature. There are no artificial agents that can stop climate change and extraordinary rise of temperature all around earth surfaces.

Awareness of green tech:

There is vast difference between size of nature and humans. A small step forward in preserving nature can become a giant step leap in retaining a better earth for future generations. Misconceptions about going green are that it is nothing but an expensive affair is the major hurdle for developing a native earth. Every single person must take the first step forward and suggest his role in reducing carbon footprints from Earth’s atmosphere. Every human can make small changes to the earth by purchasing the right products and by ensuring reasonable practices to reduce carbon footprints from products. More and more sensible tech products are now available and most of them are almost of the same price as with its immediate competitors. Make an effort to buy products which help to reduce carbon footprint from environment. Laptop is a shared phenomenon all across educated society. Examine whether purchased laptop is adhering to world green standards or not. We are embedded with technology in everyday’s life. Everywhere we go we find the advent of substantial amount of technology in our life.

First we woke up from the alarm from an alarm clock or from alarm of smart phone. Alarm clock is a mechanical technology and smart phone is a combination of hardware and software. Cleaning faces with electric shaving machine continue our dependence on machines and technology. Then, from bathing to iron on clothes to go office with vehicles and working with a computer inside an air-conditioned cubicle creates super heavy dependence of machines. It might be true, but all these do not make us idle. In this fast competitive world where everyone is running behind money and wants to earn for betterment of life, time becomes a crucial factor and proper management of time through the help of technology does not concern human races. Technology comes with a price, as it imparts a heavy toll on the environment. Environment of the Earth is the sole protector of life.

Degradation of environment can compass into several hazards if not stopped on time can eliminate entire sentient species on earth. There are products which utilize green technology to reduce carbon footprints and stops emission of greenhouse gas effects. Green technology provides alternate disposable path for gadgets which may lead to severe environmental hazards. Human population is increasing at an alarming rate. About 80 percentages of earth surfaces are inhabited by humans. Day by day, numbers of people are increasing and they need plain lands. People are destroying forests and mountains and are living there. In this way, natural balance of the environment is slowly at the receiving end. During my journey to Visakhapatnam steel plant, on the way, there are numerous hills. I am surprised to most of the hills are occupied by the human population. Trees of hills are being shed of and in place of trees now concrete structure over the hill tops. This is just an appalling situation and it creates a sense of deep disappointment and annoyances for a nature lover.

This is illegal and punishable under the law. Trees of natural hills are cut off and in the place of it some concrete houses. Trees are meant to stop the sudden flow of winds and floods. When these organic protective boundaries are cut off, no one can save from imminent super cyclones. Estimates suggest if the rise of population continues at this rate, we will need three of earth surfaces, in addition to this growing industrialization and consumerism can give rise to constant attack on green resources of earth. It will lead to severe degradation of biodiversity depletion of mineral resources and ozone-layer, extinction of entire species due to climate change, extreme change of climatic conditions is some of the hazards that have been kept lurking on us. As a result it increases emission of greenhouse gases and in fact we have a few years left to repair depleting eco-systems.

Adapting a green technology in every walk of life:

Owing to rapid state of industrialization and large scale of utilization of mineral resources, protective ozone-layer is constantly depleted. Ultra virus rays are worst for living species of earth including humans. Ozone layer on atmosphere is responsible to stop malicious ultra virus rays. Due to rapid industrialization the gases emitted out of large plants are responsible for destroying the sanctity of the ozone layer. There have been numerous discussions by world leaders to stop this emerging menace of destruction ozone layer. Over 80 percentages of greenhouse gases come from industrialization of rich and developed countries. So far, except Australia, no other so called developed countries have taken any such measure in curbing emission of such destructive gases from industrial houses of their homeland. They have been very much vocal in reducing greenhouse gas effect as developing countries but silent on their home front. This is due to pressure from large industrial houses who lobbies through political parties to create pressure on the government to reach the conclusion on their favorable ways. Developed countries voiced opinions against developing and third world countries’ industrialization in order to end competition for their own industries. One rare exception is Australia. It is seriously against green houses gas emission of their own homeland industries. It implements heavy penalties against companies who are not adhering to greenhousestandards passed by the legislative assembly of Australia. We should be cognizant of these signs otherwise our future is doomed in darkness. Ecological resources are not renewable energy sources. Once these natural resources are destroyed there is not the right way these can be revived.

All these led to severe ecological degradation which ultimately puts destroying effect on ozone layers. With the rise of population, destruction of natural resources ultimately paves adverse effect on climate change, biodiversity and ozone-layer maintenance. Loss of drinkable ground water and oil can lead to a complete standstill of civilization. Water is life and pure water saves life. Contaminated water leads to different diseases. Source of uncontaminated drinking water stays at the bottom of soil of earth. Loss of trees, industrialization and modernization source of ground water is constantly on the decline. This is nothing but an alarming trend. Most part of the Earth is covered with sea and oceans. Waters of the sea and oceans is not drinkable and cannot be used in foods and beverages. It is high time to make artificial forests and save water. Content of mineral resources is limited. The way we use large scale of mineral water and petroleum products, in the near future we could face inevitable elimination of mineral resources which can lead to a complete standstill all over the world in terms of transportation and communication. There is not any hope lost. There is a silver lining in the sky. Adapting a green technology in every sphere of life can be the most determined way to deal with these serious environmental problems.

Scope of green technology:

Green technology is a mass term and its scope has far-reaching dimensions. Sustainability of existing resources is a primary mantra for green technology. If you are utilizing existing resources without hurting and depleting different ecological variables, then there is nothing to worry about. We should find alternative products of organic products such as coal, oil, petroleum and fossils products. All these organic products are not renewable and these need to be preserved and carefully utilized. Rise of population leads to rise of industry demands that lead to rising in green house effect gases. Every country irrespective of size and influence must adhere to green technology standards. Forceful implementation of green technology throughout industries can lead to mass reduction of environmental hazards. It is high time to control all these environmental degradation practices and make a habit to preserve the environment fully in accordance with different environmental variables. Unprocessed gas, fossil fuels and mining are not meant for extraction. They are kept inside the crust of the earth in order to control Earth’s temperature. It is a spontaneous process. Sadly, we have been kept repeating mistakes by extracting mineral resources and this makes the entire zone hot temperature and ultimately rise of temperature all around Earth surface. It leads to dissolve of large icebergs, which turn into water and flow into land surfaces through the process of havoc and destruction. Last year flash floods at the holy site of Uttarakhandat the onset of the Himalayas were the complete result of wide-scale destruction of natural resources and modification of hills and water beds.

The Holland experience of successful green technology:

Only alternative to traditional fuel is to increase use of renewable sources of energies such as sunlight, water and wind. Utilization of wind energy for the creation of electricity is widely seen as Holland. In the initial stages windmills are costly and they have to continue to import these from US and UK. It deeply affects financial health of Holland. Holland is renowned for low land and constant flow of wind. Many parts of Holland have large stretches of barren lands. Most part of Holland has been inside sea and many parts of the sea coast have been barricaded in order to stop sea-incursion. Most salaried classes are paying royalties to the government for these measures and now they are paying for wind mills. Holland has in-house wind mill industries which create cheaper wind mills and this lead to mass installation of wind mills all across this eastern European state. Wind energy is the most easiest and environmentally friendly way to produce electricity. It is an excellent example of renewable source of energy. Electricity through turbine method of water recycle affects the environment. Thermal electricity production affects the most as it emits large scale greenhouse gas as well as it increases the temperature of nearby places to an unbearable levels.

Most of these green technology mediums are for rich and affluent individuals:

Talcher of Odisha has a thermal electric plant. Within few years, normal temperature rises beyond 40 degree Celsius. Entire atmosphere is now contaminated with considerable emission of greenhouse gases. Similarly, hydroelectric plants depend upon a large reservoir of river water. Forcibly, river waters are blocked and redirected to turbines to make electricity. Forcibly change of water course lead to severe dismemberment of natural soil and as a result of these plates inside crust of earth moves and creates natural hazards such as earthquake and tsunami. Windmill produces electricity, but it uses natural sources of renewable energy that creates a clean and green environment. It does not excrete greenhouse gases and helps to keep the environment free from natural hazards. Products should be produced in such a way that there should be reuse and recycle after degradation. Few years back, Nokia introduced a “product recycles policy” which aims to recycle old mobiles and convert them to new mobiles.

It encourages users to send old mobiles to work shop through “Nokia Care” shop and then reuse and recycle to make newer mobiles. Each manufacturer should announce proper return back policies of discarded cell phones so as to encourage consumer to shred old cell phones. Manufacturers can convert discarded cell-phone to a newer phone without affecting natural resources of earth. Industrialization and prosperous economy leads to an upsurge of manufacturing industries all over the world. There should be a way out to minimize pollutants and wastesto a great extent through the process optimization and implementation of strict green policies in manufacturing processes. It is very difficult for the common man to use green technology in their day-to-day lives. Government and non-governmental organizations should provide incentives to green technology companies and encourage them to produce low-cost green technology-product. These companies should be given tax holidays and proper encouragement to produce more and more technologically innovative-products.

Only an awareness civilization can bring about change in excessive emission of green house gas effects:

All these are real world problems and need to be tackled with proper emergency majors. Awareness of humans all around the world is a major hurdle so far. Due to mass scale illiteracy, people could understand really dangerous situations arising out from mass degradation of environment. Even literate people do not comprehend about the real world situation of green technology and mass scale elimination of natural resources. It is preferable to switch tungsten bulb to LED bulbs. Tungsten is bad for the environment and consumes more energy and excretes greenhouse gas effect on a mass scale. It is better to use LED bulbs that will utilize less electrical energy and emit less greenhouse effect radiations. Owing to lesser use of electricity, it imparts indirectly in minimizing mass scale effects of environmental hazards emitting out of production of hydro and thermal electricity. Only an awareness civilization can bring about change. This article is written for readers to realize the complexity of the situation. The concept of a safer environment sounds like a fairytale, but the reality bites. It is hard to implement these resources on ground level.

Knowledge distribution among the masses proves the catalyst and it needs efficient utilization of diversifying concept in creating a suitable environment to stop mass scale degradation of environment. In a world of commercialization and industrialization, where monetary benefits are the key, numerous industries are overlooking emission of greenhouse gas effects. Industries depend upon fossil fuels which are from biological resources and large scale utilization of these natural resources lead to severe degradation of greenhouses from natural resources. Remnants forms of these industries are different form of “carbon credits”, which pollutes the air and water. The concept of carbon trading comes out from “carbon credits”, which enable technologically innovative companies to create green tech environmentally friendly equipment to release lesser greenhouse-gases. “Carbon credit” is the new implicit currency value given to the particular amount of carbon emissions that cause major green house gas-effects. “Kyoto Protocol” announces a set of “carbon trading” parameters for each country to limit emissions of green house-gas-effects. In this way, “carbon trading” becomes a profitable issue for countries and countries can sell and purchase and can benefit and market for “carbon trading”. They sense a conspiracy within theories of “carbon trading”. Another worried aspect of this protocol is that two biggest green house effect gases countries are US and China not bound by these limitations of “Carbon trading”.

Hybrid cars produced from cross breeding of two different technologies is best for environment:

All the money resulting out from carbon taxes and “carbon trading” will be governed by the World Bank. It is controlled by rich and developed countries.  Many theologians believe financial control rests within hands of affluent countries. This is a very dangerous trend which developing countries can feel the heat and it expands the scope of exploitation towards developing countries. It may lead to starvation and universal reduction of food produce. Many agricultural products are to implement various conventional technologies which can increase emissions of greenhouse effect. In our day to day activities, most parts of our life are included with different technology-gadgets. This constitutes major part of global-warming. Prominent part of the greenhouse effect constitutes from gases churning out from running major-vehicles. It is important to evolve an innovative strategy of motor vehicles so as to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from running-vehicles. This is where brilliance of technology happens in the form of hybrid cars produced through cross breeding of two different-technologies. Hybrid car is formed out of a combustion engine and an electrical motor. Electrical energy can be generated and stored and combustion engine can be turned off and restart.

It saves energies in congestion traffic through the system of instant turn off and turns on. These cars run with electrical energy and generate lesser greenhouse gases with combustion-engine. Hybrid cars use two sets of engines namely combustion and electrical-energy. Combustion engine runs in the normal course of driving and when the brake is applied, combustion engine stops suddenly. It can restart instantly. Throughout, driving electrical engine works simultaneously with combustion-engine. When combustion engine pauses for a few minutes during traffic congestion, electrical engine provides the necessary impetus for restarting a vehicle instantly. Hybrid cars can easily switch between gasolines powered engine to electrical powered engine. Petroleum powered car emits high degree of emission worst for Environment. Electrical engine has low-mileage. Hybrid car is the combination of these two technologies which imparts lesser remittance of gas with high- mileage.

Ethanol run flex fuel car is the most common type of alternative use running for vehicles:

Ethanol is offered as a renewable clean-burning additive to gasoline. It is prepared from plant sugar and it is considered as full green products. Ethanol runs flex fuel car is the most common type of alternate energy use for running vehicles. It is the alternate form of energy which is environment friendly. These cars run with 15 percentages of gasoline and 85 percentages of ethanol based fuel. These cars are supposed to be very famous in the US, Canada, Europe and Brazil. These cars are similar to gasoline run vehicle. So the user will not feel any abnormal while driving these vehicles through roads. These green cars need to be completely optimized to execute on roads without any performance issues. Current US president, at the commencement of his second term as president of America, predominantly announced importance of alternative energy and renewable energy as the fundamental cohesive stability force behind economic development. Many countries in Europe and Asia have been towards critical advancement of developing advance renewable source of energy so as to reduce considerable dependence on mineral resources.

Future leaders of world economics in the 21st century will be based on performances of nations who are brilliant and superlative in replacing conventional energy sources with that of renewable and environmentally friendly green technology. So far it does not fully understand how green technology will provide sufficient return of investment for investors. Most of green technology products are costly and meant only for large industrial houses. So far less number of developers has designed green technology products affordable for individuals. The monumental losses faced by Massachusetts run “Evergreen Solar” company is an eye-opener for companies who are investing huge sum on renewable source of energy. That company was sold to a Chinese run state owned solar company which makes profits within a few days. This goes on to show how companies must produce cost effective and cheaper products to enable clients to purchase these products in large scale. This goes on to prove that at every step of business affordability of products is key to success and for this good and excellent strategy related to the grass root level is the order of the day to succeed in the cut throat business environment.

Over the past five years green technology has graduated from theories to practice:

This experience goes on to show how a government backed private venture failed miserably due to a large chunk of subsidies and this enables straight government intervention and loss of quality products from industrial output. Green technology should be taken as similar to other innovations such as mobiles, smart phones, cars and it should go under a different variant of product research and proper marketing backing up with different modes of advertisement and proper supply chain management. Green technology negates adverse environmental impact as well as it manages renewable sources of energy to the bare necessities. It requires a high degree of knowledge and innovation in this field to produce smart products backed up with proper distribution of renewable energies in exact point of distribution. It leads to “energy independence” and self-sufficient in energy matters. Many countries are paying heavy sums in buying out petroleum related products. They can opt for flexible fuels and other renewable sources of energy for self-reliant and self-sufficient in the field of energy. Such technologies include solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels smart power grids, and electric and hydrogen vehicle combustion. There are many technical challenges for superlative Green technologies including straight confrontation with immediate competitors, bad return of investment (ROI) and lack of interest from consumers. There are many technical challenges come before scientists while evolving smart green technology products. Deriving energy from controlled nuclear fusion is a bright idea and if it becomes successful than most of the top energy problems can be solved within seconds. But, sadly after so many attempts to safely deriving energy from controlled nuclear fusions the ultimate output is still null and void. It poses huge technical challenges to building such matter that can withstand generation of huge output of energy while fusion processing is going on. Technical problems repeatedly defy the generation of smoother technology and this makes the entire process most difficult to sustain and control.

Most of green technologies are facing severe hurdles at different leg of development. Solar energy is most successful within renewable energy sources. Similarly, battery technology which is a prerequisite for running vehicles irrespective of combustible engine is running difficulty with flexible fuel powered vehicles. Similar technological disturbances are seen in the windmill and smart grids and wind turbine technologies. There are many success stories on green technologies and most of them are from developed countries. Many scientists from developed countries are creating products based on a different set of environmental standards and economic conditions of native countries. For this many such technologies are now cost effective and people friendly. Over the past five years green technology has graduated from theories into practices. It creates hope for sustainable development agendas for developing countries. A green technology can be defined as life saver technology in the form of development of standards of living, creating an equitable social equity as well as providing familiar access to technology towards different form of life through acceptable ways of equilibrium by observing universal environmental standards. It significantly reduces environmental risks and ecological scarcities by maintaining proper distribution of renewable energies.

China’s successful experience on renewable sources of energy:

A sustainable and comprehensive green technology includes mass scale development of freshwater resources, fisheries, reforestation, agriculture, use of flexible fuels, biogas in favorable rules and regulations supported by national government, international governments and different treatises. It paves the way for reconfiguration of business sectors, agricultural sectors, health sectors and all the other essential sectors meant to be working closely with the day to day affairs of individuals. China constitutes one of leading nations of the world to implement low carbon state of energy sources in major industrial arena. To enhance increase use of wind turbines, China has passed the legislature for joint ventures in locally wind turbines to provide full access of this green technologies to local populations. China encourages competitive price bidding model stipulated by the government of China to encourage small and large scale sectors to introduce cheaper renewable energies for product development. China is the largest producer of solar panels in the world. It has 45 percentages of market shares in the world market. In China, price of solar panels is so cheap that more and more common people are installing in their households. Lessons from China, give the basics about how a suitable energy policy can augment proper prospering of revenue streams of renewable energy technology which empowers China to hold low level of carbon emissions.

FIT experience of Kenya:

Feed in tariff policies (FIT) in Kenya opens up the space for different privately owned companies to invest heavily in renewable energy sources and sell those electricity to government owned electricity companies, at a pre-configured price which is established by private public partnerships. Kenya is highly dependent on bio-gas renewable energies sources (RES) consisting of solar panels, wind mills, bio gases, municipal wastes create potential employment through economic, environmental and social policy objectives. In this way, it securely increases potential of electricity supply all around the country and augments basic electricity reserve. Prime motives of renewable sources of energy are to identify policy objectives of Kenya regarding renewable energy sources through the process of sustainable development of renewable energies by mass implementation of biogas products, solar and wind mills. Kenya is under a large belt of sugar factories. Recently, government of Kenya introduces direct procurement of products from green sugar farms. In this way, sugar factories are now free to sell their products at a government owned organization is now procuring sugar related products with good pricing considering benefits of privileged companies. Many sugar factories are now upgrading their factories to improve benefits streams through enhanced local progress and advance green technology.

Uganda has transformed limited resource into competitive organic farming:

Uganda is predominated agricultural production country. 85 percentages of Ugandans are involved with agrarian activities. 42 percentages of gross domestic products of Uganda are from agriculture.  It takes few important steps in converting traditional farming into organic farming. Numerous foreign companies are engaging with organic farming in order to take a major chunk of agriculture production. Uganda has utilized very miserable amount of artificial fertilizer in agricultural production. It requires a high amount of organic fertilizer in sub-Saharan Africa. In the initial years due to lack of availability of artificial fertilizer forces Ugandan government reinvents and re employment natural organic fertilizers. In the initial years government owned organizations promote use of organic fertilizers as a complementary use of fertilizers. Government supported training facilities to educate young farmers about post harvest utilization of crops as well as benefits of using organic fertilization in farming sector. In addition to this In short, Uganda has utilized limited resource into comparative advantage by mass utilization of organic farming conceptualized and materialized by diverse farming communities.

Bus rapid transit system and radial linear branching pattern of Brazil:

Owing to rapid urbanization and sudden expansion, urban of Brazil becomes inadequate to most of the population. Suddenly, entire scale of the borough of Brazil comes under illegal construction and lack of proper sanitation system. Brazil holds the fourth largest urban population after China, India, US. It has adopted “Bus rapid transit system” for integrated urban and industrial planning which provides space for new employment opportunities and shifting of industries to an alternate location. They introduce “radial linear-branching pattern” which balances properly between industrialization and green technology. In this pattern, there is a major provision for land use policy for urbanization as well as the diversion of traffic from the city centre. Major constructions of roads are done to reduce traffic-congestion. The city of Curitiba, capital of Parana State in Brazil has addressed pollution problems through implementation of “Bus rapid transit system” through the process of “radial liner branching-pattern”. Residents of the city of Curitiba are actively engaging with the process of recycling and proper waste-management.

NREGA of India:

India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (NREGA) provides wage employment program for rural households. It guarantees 100 days of secure employment for marginal classes and provides their job opportunity and engages their development of their locality. Government builds roads and employs people of that village and gives them the requisite wages. Government dug ponds and employs people from nearby villages. They have been made available to job cards and these are connected with nationalized bank accounts. Government spends money directly to these bank accounts and in this way elimination of middlemen paves the way for the proper transaction of money to real people. In this way, progress all around villages is done with the help of village people and government of the day. It is one of a successful program which is the center of attraction from different quarters of the world. Over the last few years, NREGA spreads to over 615 districts of India. Its main focus is on the labor intensive work force through complete elimination of contractors and middlemen. It strives to improve rural ecological environment management through the introduction of distinctive works. It erases concerns of local people as most of these developments in the environment are done by them.

It trains locals of various technical skills which later on their life prove to be of greater help for their own benefits. Half of NREGA projects are dealing with conservation of groundwater aquifers which is facing intense shortages due to rise of demand from industrial houses as well as individual needs. Restoration and preservation of rain water and stream water of four major river beds of India are a gigantic task. In a southern state of India, due to NREGA people have restored the dead canal of 500 long years and able to send water to extreme arid zones. This prepares the way for growing of crops and civilization around these arid zones. People who are engaged with this work get their remuneration as well as their village gets water and they are currently in the process of preparing for agricultural crops. This not only boosts crops and livestock farming but also supplements water replenishment. Due to proper development of infrastructure average salary hike of agricultural laborers in the last five years increased by 25 percentages. This proves proper improvement in the lifestyle of people in those areas and this lead to gradual development of people in extreme poverty ridden arid areas.

Successful community forest scheme of Nepal:

Nepal is no longer a developed country. Most of its revenue generated from tourism and jungle products. In the last few years, many forests turn into barren lands. Earlier, Nepal has over 40 percentages forest lands. Over the few years in these areas witnesses constant decline due to mass scale deforestation by jungle Mafia. Nepal government introduces “community forest” which holds prominence for security of forests. Through little financial help and mass community efforts restoration of lost jungles is now becoming a reality. Government plays the role of facilitator and does not interfere in the community decision making process. These teams develop their own forest plans and recognize one needs to manage forest products and as a result of these measures 35 percentages of people of Nepal are involved with these incentives. Restoration of lost jungles led to watering and soil conservation. It improves natural surroundings and attracts more and more visitors to enjoy the natural habitat. It empowers people from forest area to use forest resources as well as exclusive use of timber and non-timber products. Native people vow to plant two trees for each one tree cut by them and this makes a great sense for preserving forest areas through the systematic management of “community-forest”. It provides inclusive growth for each stratum of people. Nepal government introduces different scholarship schemes for educated youth to venture into these economies and utilize their intelligence in developing-forests. It educates youth and seniors about the complex process of decision making and management through the introduction of different credit and saving options in different income generation-groups.

Watershed management project of Ecuador:

Ecosystem services in Ecuador provide noteworthy services to industries and individuals by providing upstream water to different water arid zones. It increases livelihood and generates employment opportunities for educated youths and creates environmentally friendly conditions for citizens in and around the city of Quito. Users of upstream water supply include farmers, citizens, industries and they pay according to their need and industry status. This creates scope for equitable distribution of water among different needy people. Government and non-governmental organizations unites to form “watershed management projects” which creates deep and large reservoir of water resources in and around river valleys and rain aerated zones of Ecuador. In these projects different educationists, students, industries participate to flow of rise of ideas for complete optimization of water reservoirs. In this way proper ecological balance is well attended and care for environmental protection is being taken seriously. Forestation gives way to more water reservoir. So in this project part forest development is deeply looked into. Upstream farmers receive support for watershed management and they receive a high amount of subsidies so that interest in farming stay with them. This leads to creation of innovative farming in local households and introduction of genuine employment opportunities. 

Better use of subsidy in promoting green technology at Tunisia:

People of Tunisia depend to a large extent on oil and gas energy sources. Extreme hike of petroleum products is expected to result in high cost-expenditure ratio. The government of Tunisia has devised a plan to increase more dependence on renewable sources of energy. Over 50,000 families of Tunisia are receiving hot waters from solar powered panels which are subsidies from government backed financial institutions. The government has a national fund for energy management and gives subsidies to people who are buying products related to renewable sources of energy. Government reduced import duty and production duty on products on green technology products and hike import duty and production duty on petroleum products. On the marketing front, government gives subsidies to people who are ready and willing to acquire products of green technology. Slowly, more people avail these and entire Tunisia is slowly adapting to green technology. Experience of Tunisia in creation of renewable energy sources comes through implementation of dual side subsidy system in supply chain management side.

Renewable energy investment:

Moving towards green technology requires definitive elements of catalytic agents in defining renewable energy sources that prove beneficial for complete eradication of green house gas effects. Greenhouse gas effects are dangerous for valuable ozone layers. Many countries have agriculture-based economy. Greater use of natural fertilizers and complete eradication of artificial fertilizers can prove to be advantageous for green technology. It creates organic farming and demands for organic farming have been involved in the rise. Past experiences have shown higher demand for organic foods in rich and affluent countries of the West. Rise of agriculture creates equitable distribution of food and its logistic management creates scope for the rise of employment among youths. Farming creates a number of attractive, safety and research oriented jobs for educated as well as under-educated people. According to estimations real-estate sectors are the third largest generation of earning potential all around the world. It also exploits major part of environmental hazards through deforestation and massive use of cement structures. Rise of industrialization and commercialization lead to growth of urban townships and it generates huge development of down towns. In the developed countries of the West, slowly the concept of green house is on demand and rich and affluent persons want to build green houses in order to have a cool and natural resources while staying at home. Researches show buildings created with green technology have low cost incremental costs as compared with cost incurring from cement structures. Due to rise of urban culture more and more people are spending life in cities.

The process of recycle of waste products:

From above all these experiences, we have found nature has plenty of resources and proper use of these resources for full optimization of the day to day functioning is a better idea for an eco-friendly environment. The earth is a life-planet. It is our duty to preserve it and conserve the natural environment for the betterment of society and keeping this safe from environmental degradations. The atmosphere of the earth is like a long stretch of wall which is stopping all hazards of space from entering into Earth’s eco-system. It is our ultimate duty to save the Earth from all possible intrusions arising out of different forms of green house gas effects. A well planned city with proper sanitation and plantation increases efficiency of life in terms of infrastructure, energy and utilities. Renewable energy investments can add sufficient co-benefits in terms of transportation, infrastructure and marine fisheries. Investments in sustainable tourism solutions through reduction of congestion, air pollution can completely alleviate poverty through affordable transportation and open access marketing facilities. Almost everything we are all around us can be recycled. Dissimilar materials can be recycled in different technologies and for this there are many innovative technologies that can be utilized properly for sustainable development of green energy.

The initial stage of recycling consists of collecting and sorting of recycled products. Then, materials are retained for manufacturing processes. The stored materials undergo the process of manufacturing through the series of innovative technologies meant for recycling of products. Recycling saves the earth. Papers are generated from trees. For this many trees are cut and major parts of it are damaged. It is wise to recycle waste paper into neat papers. In this way, many trees have been saved from elimination as well as recycling of waste papers can lead to generation of newer ones. Recycle saves energy and recycle process takes lesser energies than virgin products. Recycle products are cost-effective and good environment. Recycling helps to reduce global warming and decrease undesirable state of the natural environment becoming contaminated with harmful elements as a consequence of human activities. Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere due to a sustained increase that causes climatic changes. Recycling or reprocessing is the act of processing abandoned materials for use in generating new products. Recycling products are preferable to virgin products. Sometimes, some bio-degradable products cannot be recycled.

Concluding thoughts:

It is therefore necessary to burn bio-degradable products so that permanent elimination of green houses gases are done. It will help to reduce green-house gas effects that depleting the the ozone layer. Bio-degradable wastes like egg cells, vegetable and fruit peelings can be composted to use as home-made fertilizer for the kitchen garden. Going green requires a little bit of innovation and careful planning for a gentle touch to this planet. With growing population, recycling of products is now becoming more and more important through better management of products and indestructible marketing designing. It is up to individual companies and individuals to think of the planet and save the planet for creating a sustainable environment for convenience privilege towards Mother Nature.

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How would you react if you are constantly being provoked or instigated to get angry?

How would you react if you are constantly being provoked or instigated to get angry be it in any context. Just that a person you know is trying to irate you by passing comments directly and at times indirectly.
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[{"id":"22846","title":"Hurl abuses","votes":"4","type":"x","order":"1","pct":6.25,"resources":[]},{"id":"22847","title":"Fold your hands and try to stay calm","votes":"32","type":"x","order":"2","pct":50,"resources":[]},{"id":"22848","title":"Back fire by defending yourself","votes":"10","type":"x","order":"3","pct":15.63,"resources":[]},{"id":"22849","title":"Slap the person","votes":"4","type":"x","order":"4","pct":6.25,"resources":[]},{"id":"22850","title":"Pass equally bad comments to irate the person","votes":"5","type":"x","order":"5","pct":7.81,"resources":[]},{"id":"22851","title":"Count 1-100 backwards to keep your cool","votes":"9","type":"x","order":"6","pct":14.06,"resources":[]}] ["#ff5b00","#4ac0f2","#b80028","#eef66c","#60bb22","#b96a9a","#62c2cc"] ["rgba(255,91,0,0.7)","rgba(74,192,242,0.7)","rgba(184,0,40,0.7)","rgba(238,246,108,0.7)","rgba(96,187,34,0.7)","rgba(185,106,154,0.7)","rgba(98,194,204,0.7)"] 350
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