Whenever I hear about any paranormal incidents or any strange occurrences, the first question that comes to my mind is - did that really happen? Sometimes, the events are exaggerated such we downright recognize it is as a hoax. But sometimes, the events are told in such a way that we find ourselves almost believing it. For example, I almost thought Conjuring was a true story when I first saw it. In fact, the film is based on the actual events that happened to a family Rhodes Island. If the events in the film are true, then is there any explanation for these events? And then there is Annabell, the famous haunted doll. Though the film version is completely different from the actual events that are assumed to have happened, there are still stories of the doll's evil nature. Can science explain all these supposed hauntings? No, there are not any clear pieces of evidence for all the assumed ghostly hauntings. There are numerous such ghost stories we hear from various sources. Until one sees and experiences for oneself, it will be hard to believe all the stories paranormal activities. Here are some paranormal mysteries of India:


This fort is famous all over India as India most haunted place. The fort was built by Bhagwanth Das for his son Madho Singh. The fort is beautiful with many temples inside. However, the government has banned the entry to this fort after sunset between 6 pm to 6 am. The reason? Many people believe that the fort is cursed. There are two versions to the story of the fort's curse. The first one is that, when the fort was to be built on the top of the hill, an ascetic Guru Bala Nath who resided there gave permission to build the fort with the condition that no other dwelling in that area should cast a shadow on his place. However, Ajab Singh, a descendant of Madho Singh added columns to the fort, so the shadow surpassed the saint's place. The angry saint then cursed the entire village and fort. Even today, when any roof is built, it mysteriously collapses the next day. The second story is the popular story of the Princess Rathnavathi and the tantric, Singharia. Apparently, the tantric fell in love with the princess and wanted her to love him. So, one day, when he saw the princess's maid buying a perfume for her, he cast a spell on it to make the princess fall in love with him. However, the princess came to know about the perfume and threw it away hitting a boulder, that killed the tantric. Before dying, he cursed the princess and the entire fort. The very next year due to war, the princess died and the fort got ruined. It is believed that the princess will take rebirth to free the court from this curse. Because of this, local believes that the place is haunted by ghosts or spirits and there are stories about tourists dying after spending a night in the fort. However, it also seems that the place is a shelter for the wild animal at night, which could be the reason for people to hear strange noises at night. Also, many monuments under ASI prohibits entry after sunsets. So, is Bhangarah paranormal or not? The place may sound scary but maybe it is not, and this fort is an amazing place to visit. 


A lady dies a painful death by falling into a well while drawing water. She then returns as a ghost and wanders at night. This is the story behind the ghostly apparitions that people see near the well in the compound of this chawl at night. There is also another supposed phantom night guard ghost, that is seen near the haunted well. At night, people are advised to stay away from well even though the woman ghost is considered to be harmless. So this lady is assumed to wander every night, every day near the well and disappears at dawn. Some people have heard anklet sounds, which they consider to be the woman's anklet. This place ranks the 5th position in India's haunted places. But then, these are just some tales and there is no real evidence that supports any supernatural concepts in this place.


In Meerut, "the sports city of India", also has some haunted places like GP Block, Meerut. There is a double storey apartment which has no residency there. Ghost stories include that of the spirit of a woman sitting on the roof, women wearing red clothes enter and exit the house, 4 boys sitting inside the house around the table having alcohol, all of which people have claimed to see. In the1950s, a junior army officer rented the house and after he vacated the house, no one has officially moved to the house. It is interesting that unlike most ghost or paranormal stories, there are no tales of any gruesome deaths or anything spooky that has happened in the house. Then why is this house supposed to be haunted? After a channel reported that Meerut is one of the top ten haunted places in India, stories of this abandoned house being haunted began to spread. Then is GP Block haunted or not? That's the question.


So, to chill and have fun we go to Goa, right? Seems like to gets some spooks and goosebumps too, we can visit Goa. There are some assumed haunted places in Goa, one of which is the Ignorchem Bandh, where it looks like one can see spirits in daylight too. Locals believe that evil spirits reside in this place attack people, especially in the late afternoons. It is said that the spirit then possesses the person causing that person to behave strangely. Also, it seems that these spirits are most likely to attack a person with low self-esteem. 

So these are some places that are presumed to be haunted. Just like a coin that has two sides, all these places also have two different sides. When supernatural stories are told, science refutes that with some natural theories. I don't know if these places are haunted or not, but they are terrifying. 






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