It is needless to say that Chennai city is getting much polluted in the recent years as every young girl and boy is aware of the fact. Improper maintenance of roads, vehicle exhausts, industrial wastes, fumes coming out of chimneys if mills, carelessness among people in following the proper  practices are causing air to lose its purity and have also become hazardous to ’t know what the public health department is doing. Is it not the concern of the department to look into the matter and take steps to prevent pollution in co-ordination with the environment department?


Earlier Chennai city was known as air conditioned city. Today this may be undoubtedly called as air polluted city. Young school going children are facing a lot of inconvenience when they move out to their schools. Aged people have to sit in their houses to avoid inhaling impure air.

I suggest a few means by which pollution can be controlled and prevented. It is very well known that planting of trees is very helpful in reducing air pollution. So wait not until tomorrow. Make it a point to plant a sapling immediately .


Smoke emission levels can be tested and test certificates can be given to the motor cycles. Only vehicles that emit lesser levels than prescribed should be allowed to use. Strict law and order should be followed. The traffic policeman should randomly check test certificates and people found violating rules should be penalized.

The possible reuse or recycle of industrial wastes should be emphasized and encouraged. Plastics usage must be banned. We easily say no to plastics and start using paper materials instead. But we are ignorant of the fact that paper is manufactured from trees involving cutting down of forests. This again goes to the beginning of the circle. There is a great imbalance between the total vegetation and deforestation. So the only solution for pollution and paper is plant more tress !!!!! hope some good soul on earth should find a better substitute for paper and plastics that which causes no harm to the environment.

A ban should be imposed on chemicals which are fatal to plants and animals.. the height of the chimney stacks in industries must be raised to a greater suitable height in a way that the smoke goes out to the upper layers of the atmosphere. Cleaner fuels, improved stoves and better ventilation may be taken to reduce domestic air pollution.


Of all these growing vegetation is highly recommended and is an urgency. Immediate action must be taken by very responsible person of Chennai.I suggest the government authorities and the corporation to give proper attention in this regard and minimize air pollution. Otherwise it would be difficult to run day today life with ease ….

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