CAUSES FOR ENVIRONMENT DEGRADATION: There are many ways of how environment is being degraded.  First cause is the over population.  India is second highest populated country in the world.  The hazardous gases from the industries like carbon-di-oxide, sulphur oxide etc are released into the atmosphere.  INDUSTRIAL CAUSES: Now the amount of air pollution is being controlled.  The outlet of water containing harmful wastes is even purified by many methods and is used for consumption.  When we travel on roads we find many banners like “Chennai is our city” and “Keep city clean”.  But do we take any measures to keep our city Chennai clean.  Even the release of hazardous gases from vehicles is because of using petrol as fuel.  But now the scientists of U.S.A are trying to make vehicles run using water which will not release any harmful gases.  NATURAL CALAMITIES: We all know how Tamil Nadu was affected because of flood.  Does anybody know the cause for it?  The main cause for flood is the lake areas have been converted into residential areas.  When rain flows it did not have any place to stand so it entered into living areas.  After Independence the number of lakes in Tamil Nadu was 1500 but now the number of lakes in Tamil Nadu is only 5 or 6.  MEASURES TAKEN: Our government also has taken many measures to reduce pollution.  It has placed the heavy industries in places outside city limits.  Forestation leads to protection of environment.  Vanamahotsava is a process of forestation in which the last year college students plant trees in their college in their memory.  For the Bohi festival of the year 2006 our Tamil Nadu Government along with Department of Environmental protection has banned the burning of tyres and most of the people followed the law.  Every year June 5th is celebrated as the World Environment Day.  Even year on June 5th rallies are held in Chennai in which more than 350 students from 19 schools take part.  They wanted to create Chennai as the first city to use ecofriendly products.  They even introduced ecofriendly pens and pencils.  When we go to any restaurant, they give the food items in polythene holdings and plastic covers.  After we consume the food item we crush the holdings and plastic covers.  After we consume the food item we crush the holdings and through them on the road.  In all public we find dust bins which humbly ask us to use them.  But do we use them? NO.  We being students learn a lot thing in our books.  Only reading them and forgetting will not improve us.  We should practical efforts.  Our country cannot flourish only because of economic activities but natural resources are also needed.  When we do not any measures to improve our place what is the purpose of we born as citizens of India especially in Chennai.  America is flourishing as a speed express; it is only because of the Americans.  So when we want India to flourish we should take up our responsibility.  Yes, I have to take my resolution.  When are you all?  All resolutions join to form a revolution and let it be a green revolution.  When we do so Chennai will be meant for, C- Clean H-Healthy E-Efficiently Economized N-Natural N-Notorious A-Astonish pleasant I –Immortal. I think it was a little bit boring but it is the most essential for all of us.

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