Macro Photography is an art of taking a close-up photograph of a very small subject. This technique of photography results into a magnified image of a selected small subject. Professionally this type of photography requires a set of good quality lenses packed together to give maximum zoom.Hygroscopic Crystals

To add to your wonder, the day I discovered this technique I even did not knew the name of this type of photography. One day when I was searching for some good wallpaper for my cell phone I encountered a similar concept photograph which I took just for fun. So I started taking more and more interest in this type of photography.

The idea came up with my curiosity of experimenting with lenses. One day when I was disassembling my home madeWild Flower telescope I saw a beautiful flower in my garden, but it was too small to passively catch some one attention. Then I tried to take a snap out of my cell phone but the resulting picture was blurring. With my instinct I picked up the objective lenses of my home made telescope which was taken from an old camera and placed it in front of my Nokia 2700 Classic phone lenses, and the result were astonishing.

Soon it was clear that a good quality and highly attractive wallpapers can be created with your cell phone and some lenses. Sooner or later it became my hobby. Today I have a small collection of some good pictures taken from cell phone using this technique. Although it may not gain an national attention but it has made me quite popular among my friends and family.Touch Me_Not_Plant_Flower

In future I and some of my friends who joined me in this venture are planning to organise a small exhibition. This exhibition will have pictures of small objects and things around us whose beauty has been ignorant just because they are small.

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