Today we all are tensed that rainfall does not occur on time. In some areas, there is heavy rainfall. In other areas, scanty rainfall and in some other areas almost no rainfall is seen. In comparison with the weather cycle that existed in the beginning of century, one can see a remarkable difference in the present day weather cycle and also it has become unsure and unstable. Earlier every season would arrive timely and rainfall too was in proper amount. Only India is not the one who is getting affected, in fact the whole of the world is facing such problems. In some areas rainfall occurs so heavily that it leads to floods which brings harm to the people and property both. In other areas rainfall is so scanty that will result in the destruction of yield. In some countries snow fall occurs in such huge amount which can bring trouble to all the habitats living over their. Sometimes when the yield in the farm is ready but just due to heavy rainfall it becomes almost impossible to bring yield to home. From time to time, people of eastern India get affected by floods. This natural disaster is caused by man. This is because man himself is responsible to bring imbalance in nature. Due to the change that has arrived in weather, scientists are tensed and man is facing lots of trouble.

Scientific discoveries have showed that imbalance in nature has resulted in changes in climate and various diseases like cancers of lungs, heart, emotional stress and many more problems. We all know that life on earth has been possible due to balance in nature. Earlier there was balance in all modes of nature also called as bio cycle. Earth shouldn't totally get covered by trees, therefore trees and plants eating animals called herbivores were in sufficient number. Carnivores animals were also in enough number which would not let the number of herbivores animals to exceed. Trees, herbivores and carnivores numbers were balanced and maintained. In modern world due to scientific inventions, large scale industries have been set up. There is also population explosion. This increasing population has to be fed and that requires more amount of food in the form of crops, vegetables, fruits etc..... They have to be provided with home for shelter, clothes to wear and many other things to fulfill rest of the requirement. This is the reason forests are cut in large amount. Land is required for cultivation purpose, for construction of house, industries, for production of electricity, for the construction of roads and railway tracks. Not only this, large amounts of forests is destroyed for construction of damps required for production of electricity and for water supply for various purposes. Our industries are also largely dependent on our forests for raw products. Employment and industrialization has resulted in rapid destruction of forests but has not taken care of replanting the trees. To feed growing population, fertilizers are used in fields and pesticides in plants to prevent pests from damaging the crops. Soil has become polluted due to the usage of these pesticides and fertilizers.

Growing population also does not play a less important role in polluting the environment. Big cities have been settled. Drainage has been set up in such a way that it is been thrown in rivers and other water bodies. Home wastes and other domestic and industrial wastes is been seen scattered over here and there. In the end, these wastes are also dumped in rivers and other water bodies. In this way water gets polluted.

Industries and factories expel poisonous gases. Due to them air pollution has increased. Trees planted on both sides of roads an near railway track looks so weak and diseased. They are covered in dust, pollution and look so dark. Constantly wastes is thrown out of industries which is finally dumped in water bodies. In most of the places wastes are also dumped wherever there is an open, unused area. These wastes contain numerous chemicals of poisonous type which will pollute air, water and land. Our ancestors used to worship and perform various rituals to maintain the purity of atmosphere and would give stress on plantation of trees rather than chopping trees. In vedas there are beautiful mesmerizing mantras for worshiping sun, air, water etc..... and beautiful description of beauty of earth. But modern man has increased the pollution to such an extent, that has resulted in the fear that earth one day would become lifeless. It is well known that among all the planets and the other bodies in universe, earth is the only planet where life exists. But due to the increase in pollution life may become extinct on this planet too in the forth coming years.

As a result of inventions in the field of science various types of vehicles have come into existence which runs on land, water and air. This resulted in the comfort while traveling. World seems small and people can travel from one place to another quickly and comfortably. But these trains, buses, ships, airplanes expel gases and create noise pollution. Through rockets many types of space travel have been launched in space. All the five layers of atmosphere is affected by this. Thick layer of ozone protects us from bad effects of sun's ultraviolet rays. This layer yields protection shield to humans, other living beings as well as for vegetation. It is claimed that earlier since earth was not protected by ozone layer, no life existed over here. Industrialization has not only provided us with many modern day facilities but also has resulted in the increase of fluorocarbon gas in atmosphere. It is harmful and is causing depletion of ozone layer. If the ozone layer thins out and gets depleted then we are not going to get protected by harmful ultraviolet radiations of sun. Changes in atmosphere has resulted in changes in climatic conditions. If the conditions of earth become worst from bad then it is very possible that there will arrive rapid increase in temperature, ice may melt from polar regions and our earth may become a volcano. A day will arrive when we will make polar regions as our home and the areas which are populated may get drowned and will settle in the womb of sea.

In modern age, pollution of all types is seen everywhere and in near future its harmful effects will increase to what extent is difficult to be told. These pollutions are land, air, water and noise. We all know that for all the living beings life saving oxygen is very essential. If this life saver oxygen will keep on getting polluted at this rapid pace then it would become extremely difficult for living beings to sustain on this earth. Next to air, the most essential entity is water which is not available in the purest form even for drinking purposes. Even other living beings, vegetation too require pure water. We all know that if any part of river gets polluted the whole river becomes polluted.

Scientists tensed due to climatic changes and diseases spreading at an alarming rate after their deep studies in this aspect have understood that pollution is the only cause responsible for it. Now efforts are been made to plant more and more number of trees and make this earth green. Chemicals and pesticides are used only to that extent to which they are required.

Chimneys of industries should be long enough to reduce air pollution. Their waste should also be properly treated and not thrown in water bodies. Care should be taken that less air is expelled from vehicles. Efforts should be done to keep land pollution free.

We all know that most of the diseases of respiratory system is due to the dust and diseases of stomach is due to the polluted water. To live healthy lives both of these are important. Our industries and vehicles produce lots of noises and these has to be controlled. This is because living amidst such noises can lead to increase in mental stress and increases the heart beats. Sometimes due to listening to the loud noises, heart gets lot of shock. Even it is seen that ceasing of heart beat has resulted in death.

Pollution is a problem faced world wide. In developed countries due to large scale industries and increase in the number of vehicles, pollution increases. In the same manner in developing countries too regular establishment of new industries and by increase in the number of vehicles, pollution is increasing. Our country is developing and we are moving rapidly in the direction of industrialization. Our government with joint efforts of governments of various countries and scientists are making an effort to control pollution as soon as possible. If its amount is going to increase with the same speed then that day is not far away when life will become extinct from the earth. Before becoming extinct the condition of living beings would become dreadful. Breathing would become difficult due to poisonous air and poisonous water would give rise to many diseases, abnormalities and pain in the body.

In environment, the process of reducing pollution occurs by itself. For example, in leaves of plants and trees tiny holes are present. On either sides of these holes protective elements are present. Through these tiny holes gaseous exchange take place between the environment and plants. Air enters through the micro holes. Through process of photosynthesis, carbon-dioxide is converted into oxygen. Thus the gas that is coming out contains more amount of oxygen in comparison with carbon-dioxide. Thus, the process of photosynthesis is totally different when compared to respiration process of humans and other living beings. During night, when there is no sunlight, no photosynthesis process take place. Respiration process is accomplished rapidly. During day time in presence of sunlight, leaves with the help of chlorophyll, water and carbon-dioxide prepare starch. Through the same leaves, process of transpiration too take place. Thus area beneath the trees and surrounding remains cool in comparison with the rest of the place.

Plants, trees and animals are all our friends. Pollution that would occur earlier in the environment with the help of plants and trees got controlled and regulated. All the living beings respire and increase the amount of carbon-dioxide in air. In the same way apparatus running with help of charcoal, petrol, diesel etc..... absorb oxygen and expel carbon-dioxide. If this carbon-dioxide keeps on increasing in this environment in the similar manner, life would become difficult to sustain on this earth. With the help of sunlight the leaves of plants and trees in the presence of chlorophyll, give rise to a chemical process that occur between carbon-dioxide and water. This leads to the formation of oxygen. This is the reason that amidst city, big parks and gardens have to be promoted. They are called as 'lungs of the city'.

We too can contribute to stop the pollution in the environment. We can do this work in two ways. First is by not creating pollution and second is taking necessary measures to check the pollution that is already been created. We must not throw wastes and dirt here and there. Should not urinate or excrete in the open. We should plant more and more number of trees. Students too can contribute in this work. They can keep their house and surroundings clean and also by maintaining cleanliness of school and its surrounding. We must cultivate a habit of not spitting and throwing wastes here and there. Only learning good things is not enough. One must take benefit from the education one learns and implement good things in their lives. We must take as oath that on our birthdays and on other special occasions we all will plant a tree. We must not cut the branches of trees nor damage or harm them in any way. If any tree requires water, we should take it as our responsibility and water the tree. If a tree requires protection from animals then we should make a fencing around it.

Our environment is our protection shield which we have obtained from nature. It is our guardian as well as source of life. Thing to remember is environment is ours and therefore responsibility of its protection lies on us. Since man is intelligent among all living beings, he himself is the one who is responsible for destruction of environment and therefore responsibility of its correction  also lies on him.

This doesn't mean that all the industries should be shut down and locked and all the vehicles should not be brought into usage anymore and one must return to old age time. Science and modernization need not be discouraged. The solution of this problem doesn't lie in returning back and in fact lies in finding the solution with proper planning. We should make use of sources like sun, air, water to run our industries and vehicles instead of using those same fuels which are about to become extinct and create lots of pollution. Population and pollution has to be controlled. Use of poisonous chemicals has to be controlled if not stopped completely.

In actual terms, environment protection is closely related with the culture of India. Planting trees is considered to be a work of goodness. Peepal, banyan, Indian lilac, gooseberry, mango and many other trees are considered to be of religious importance. Even today trees near sources of water, temples etc..... are planted and never chopped. Urinating near water sources is considered to be a sin. While making an effort in fulfilling our cultural and religious beliefs, we indirectly are working towards protection of environment.

Thus we have to maintain the co-ordination with nature and preserve it on our earth to keep environment healthy, rich and beautiful.

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