It is an age old maxim that Nature is our mother and if it is to be commanded, it must be obeyed. Nature binds truth, happiness and virtue together as if by an insoluble chain but man's ignorance of this immortal Nature is the only source of his unhappiness. Ever since his appearance on this planet, man has been using the priceless gifts of the Nature without restraint. He has rather taken them for granted. Seldom did he give thought to the fact that the supplies of air that he breathed, the water that he drank, the food that he ate and the industrial raw materials which he extracted from the bowels of earth might disappear one day. Nature had been suffering because of thoughtless human intervention in its recycling process for hundreds of years. The relationships between man and nature reflects profound changes in the wake of modern scientific and technological development. And here lies the cause for concern for the entire human race.

Nature has through the ages, cast a spell on man. From the ancient Indian Rishis, who mediated  in caves and dipped in the holy water to the modern heroes of Everest and Antarctica expeditions and navigators, all have been fascinated by the glory of nature. If some have been thrilled by the sights and sounds, others have looked behind and beyond its physical beauty and contemplated the indwelling spirits. One man  looks at it, another looks through it. The human mind has been particularly sensitive and respective to the charm of nature. The poets of Nature are the glowing testimonies of it. Wordsworth and Keats , Arnold and Yeats, to name just a few. The call of the nature is perennial and irresistible. It provides a pleasure resort but at the same time it is a challenge. Nature conceals within itself secrets which man has always tried to unravel but in unraveling the secrets he has broken the harmonious relationship with nature which was prevalent in the previous years.

In the ultimate analysis, the problem of Natural degradation reduces itself to the question of reordering the relationship that has so far existed among the economic needs of man, the technological progress, and the nature. But Nature, it seems is in no mood to stand any further abuses and excesses. And man has now realized that he has to worked with it and he will never tolerate the rape of Good Earth any further. It is, at his point, that his aesthetic instinct will come to his rescue. After all, he is bringing about industrial progress with the aim of making the world a better, more  beautiful and more comfortable place to live in. People have now thought that there is no rational alternative to working together to bring about some improvement in Nature so we and our children can lead a healthy life.

In his mad race for power and prosperity-with a feeling of shock and horror-man is now aware of the fact that the Nature and its resources are vast but limited. He has realized if the present trends are allowed to go unchecked, the future of the life on earth will be endangered Nature's plentifulness is a heritage not to be squandered with impurity. It must conserved. It is high time man does something before the unimaginable stages is reached when rivers will burn, fish will not on shores, trees will be their own ghosts and cities will be chocked with polluted and foul smelling air. Let's all make joint ventures to make the Nature as pure as before and try to maintain the immortal relationship of mother and son between Nature and Man.

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