Nature plays the role of a mother in this earth. In our day-to-day activities we do more harm to this mother nature in  many ways. God has created the nature for the survival of the living things on the earth. We people not only destroying the survival of ours, but also other living things on this planet.We have a tendency that we will understand the value of anything, only when it is lost (or) destroyed. The same thing is happening today in the case of our environment. For the past few years, We can observe the drastic changes in the climatic conditions around the world. We know well there are four seasons, summer,rainy,winter and spring respectively. These seasons will come in the cycle one by one. But nowadays whether it is happening like this way? . No. We are not getting enough rain through out the year. Most of the time the climate is much hot. Due to this, there is water scarcity around the world. Especially in our country it becomes a serious issue. In a country like india, which is known for its agriculture by other countries, we are importing fruits and other basic food products from  them. But even though we are facing this much problem most of us dont bother about anything. We always think about our family and not beyond that. But it cant go for a long time. Since it is the time to wake up. Already we are late. Awarness should start at home, not only by some non profit organisations and government. We should start from our side by taking necessary steps like

1.keeping our surroundings neat and clean,

2.not wasting water,

3.reducing the use of vehicles whenever possible and take a walk to the near places, so that we can make our environment pollution free,

4. planting more trees,

5. protecting our forests from human intervention, so that animals and other living things can survive without disturbing human beings,

6. encouraging agriculture with natural manure and prohibiting chemical manure, so that we can get rid of diseases occuring due to lack of nutrition.

These are some of the steps we must adhere to and insist our future generations to follow in order to protect our mother nature. Our mother has a tendency to forgive us when we do any mistake and she will be patient. Like that, mother nature also forgiving our mistakes which are not tolerable. But, it will not last long. She started losing her patience. So, its time to wake up for the entire world and lets join hands to save mother nature.

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