There is nothing more wonderful than nature and its immense beauty lies not just in what pleases the eye but each of its aspects.

Be it the capability of a life to be born, grow, wither with age and eventually die or the capability of a sea to be both serene and violent, a desert to be both quiet and stormy and a mountain to be both heavenly and volcanic.

Each of these, though seems and feels like an ordinary natural phenomenon to us, is a point of amazement if we really think of it. Despite all the technological advances, can man put life in a body or can he defy death? Why do we all have to grow old and succumb to death.. is there a foolproof way to avert natural disasters?

And then how self sufficient, beautiful, amazing and diverse is nature! The variety and diversity of flora and fauna, the therapeutic effect of herbs, the nutritional power in fruits and vegetables, Vitamin D in sun's rays, the importance of water in our body and life.

Gosh!!... the list is never-ending! But, despite that we never have a moment to pause and admire, appreciate and thank this bountiful nature for all that we receive from it.

Let's not just say wow at a beautiful rainbow or sunset and let it end there. Let's instead understand and realize the importance of nature for us and do our bit  to preserve it in it's glory.

Let's save water, avoid plastic, stop littering and stop cutting trees. Let's save fuel and walk more. There are a no. of ways each one of us can contribute to our environment. And the first step is to keep it clean and green. Then on rest will follow.

Let's do our best to leave the nature intact for our children, and their children and theirs!



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