*Why do people yawn?

  • One usually yawns when bored or tired. Yawning makes you draw in breath, filling your lungs with air. This increases the oxygen supply to the blood to help make your self up.

*What is a sponge?

  • The dried colorless sponge in the kitchens and both rooms is not a real sponge, as it is made of synthetic material. Real sponges are found in the sea and are most primitive sea animals. They breathe and feed themselves through their pored.

*Which human behavior do ants seem to copy?

  • Like human being, ants stretch their bodies when they wake up. They also seem to YAWN in a human manner before they take up in the tasks of the day.

*Who invented the kite?

  • The first kite is said to have been invented by a Chinese farmer whose hat blew off in the wind. He tied a string to it and the next time it blew off he had a kite.

*Which bird has a scissors – shaped beak?

  • The beak of skimmer is shaped like scissors. This is because the lower beak is much longer and fatter than the top beak. As it files over water, the skimmer dips its lower beak below the surface. When it touches a fish it snaps its beak shut.

*Which is the smallest mammal?

  • The tiny hog-nosed bat is not much bigger than your thumb! Bats are the only mammas that can fly. They usually sleep during the day and come out at night to look for food.

*Were all Dinosaurs meat-eating animals?

  • No, all dinosaurs were meat –eaters; many were vegetarians. Scientists can tell this by examining fossils of their and claws. Meat eaters had long sharp teeth for tearing flesh, while plant eaters had smaller teeth to chew leaves and branches.

*Can any fish climb trees?

  • Yes! Climbing perch are fish that can climb trees. They are found in the Far East. They can cross land by spreadi9ng rows of thorn like spines on their gill covers.


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