There are many in this world who like rainy season.  Rainy reason is our necessity as well and therefore rains are welcome especially in some parts of the world which are affected by drought. Everybody likes greenery and it is a  great sight to see  plants and trees looking fresh and green after rains especially in villages where there is lot of greenery and in cities where there are plenty of open areas and parks..  A photograph taken after rains makes for a good photograph or a for wallpaper on the desktop of our computer.  Similarly a portrait of rain drenched area makes for good viewing.

While rain is our necessity it brings its share of disadvantages in the form of  inconvenience in our day to day activities.  Because of rains people cannot go to their workplaces and children cannot go to their schools and even if they make they can never make it on time thereby attracting disciplinary action.  It is difficult to get a mode of transport to go to our desired destinations and even if we get we have to pay extra charges as advantage of the situation is taken of by auto and taxi drivers.  On a rainy  day we find ourselves confined at our homes as we do not like to go out and get wet.  If there is a a compulsion to get out, not only you have to get wet, but also have to walk around heaps of accumulated watery mud  You could easily slip in the mud especially when you are wearing a slipper.  If that is not enough however careful you are vehicle drivers ensure that they spill mud on your clothes while driving through water logged areas.  This happens even if the person driving the vehicle is careful because water logging is too much especially in cities..  You cannot stand in a veranda on a rainy day.  A rainy day always gives a dull feeling and makes you feel like going out even if you are not accustomed to going out.  Another area of concern in cities is that some drainage outlets are kept open which one cannot see on a rainy day and there is a danger of slipping into one of the potholes.

Even if you feel thirsty like as on any other day, on a rainy day you cannot consume ordinary drinking water because the water becomes cold and never easy to drink.  Water when cold is not as tasty as ordinary water.  Even you boil it, then the water loses its taste and again you find difficulty consuming hot water because of lack of taste.   A person can easily take 2 glasses of ordinary water at a time, but consuming even quarter glass of hot water at a time is difficult.  Even if you do not feel thirsty consumption of water is very important for our bodies as is prescribed by most doctors and health experts and rainy days prevent you from consuming sufficient water required for your body.

Nature is not in our hands and yet rain is our necessity.  One hopes it rains only in the night.  That will suit our purpose because it satisfies our necessities without inconveniencing us.



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