Here was very little movement of the people during the day as the temperature touched 48 degree cilices. The heat had spoiled the climate. The trees and plants were dry. Children, Men and women were suffering from sun heat.

Summer at its climax, monsoon delayed after all the rains arrived.

To start with there was only a slight but with in a few minutes the dark clouds overcast the sky and started pouring down heavily. The joy of the young and the old knew no bounds. Farmers sang songs in praise of nature, as rains were likely prove a great boon to their crops. Their fields, which had gone dry, became wet with the downpour and their plants and vegetables became immediately green. It looked as I the fields were smiling with joy, the animals and birds also seed to enjoy the rains. Frogs gathered on the bunks of ponds and started coaching.

During the monsoon season many rivers in India are in flood. This cause widespread dislocation and destruction. Many rivers have a tendency to overflow in the monsoon season and defy the embankments. The rains at the hill stations and other areas make the water rush down the plains. Where the rivers overflow, causing damages to property, particularly in the villages where standing crops and houses. When floods are heavy, large number of buffaloes, bullocks, cows’ goats are carried away by the swift current of water. Up-rooted trees and large variety of other material, including utensils, float in the river. There is water in huge tracks of land with a sense oh devastation and destruction allover on mans capacity to tame the hurricane.

So Somaney small dam constructions needs to the rivers. And modern scientific methods of controlling the rivers and their over-currents have provide some relief in modern tomes.

Recycling the waste

Clean the house as neat and fresh it in neighbor. This doing is healthy to us. Protect the environment by the neatness.

Changing waste products into raw materials so that they can be used to make new products is called recycling usually, there are some things in the domestic wastes, materials and metals can be converted into useful things through processing.

Recycling involves

1. Collection of used and discarded materials.

2. Processing these materials

3. Making them into products

Recycling reduce the amount of waste thrown into the community dustbins. Thus, it helps to make the environment cleaner and the air fresher to breathe.

Most of the domestic garbage can be recycled and reused.

Organic kitchen waste such as leftover foodstuff, vegetables peels, and spoilt or dried fruits and vegetables can be recycled by putting them in the compost pits that have been dug in the garden. Old news papers, magazines and bottles can be sold to the kabaiwala, the man who buys these items from homes.

In your own homes, you too can contribute to waste reduction and the recycling and reuse of certain items. You can use old calendar to cover your books.

The waste production in our homes can be divided in to two groups: liquid waste and solid waste. If the wastes are not disposed of properly, they make surrounding dirty and unhygienic. To prevent diseases, waste water should be disposed of properly. Waste should be collected in a covered dustbin.

Making useful things from waste materials is called recycling.




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