So I had told about the bitter experiences when descending from a running vehicle.I also told you the method to escape from the same.Have any of you done so?Hadn't got a chance to test?OK, no problem.But today what I say will have experienced by most of you.If not experienced yet ,don't read the rest.

There is a bus in bus bay which is stationary.I stepped in to the bus for a short journey.The bus was so much crowded that I didn't get a seat to sit.Also there was not enough space even to stand.Yet being busy I decided to go in that bus itself.Suddenly the driver entered from some where.He started the bus and immediately accelerated.I as well as many in front and back of me fell down.Can you say in which direction I fell - Backward or frontward ?

Yes, your murmuring is correct.I fell in backward direction.Not only I,all will fall to back when a stationary vehicle accelerates suddenly.What is the reason?Here also the inertia ghost plays.While we stand on a bus in rest, the velocity of bus is zero.Our legs velocity also zero.Similarly our body's velocity also zero.It simply means all are in rest.

But when the vehicle begins to move it acquires some velocity.That velocity will be gained by our leg which is in contact with vehicle.But due to inertia our body tries to continue in its earlier condition.That is rest.So leg begins to move and body remains there.It is nothing but like some one pulled your leg from front.Naturally you will fall hitting your back on floor.

So how can you escape from this dilemma?I had told the effect was due to your legs sudden movement.So just make it not touching the vehicle when it begins acceleration.Yes, simply hang up lifting your leg from the floor of vehicle!!!You will not get hurt unless your leg hits some other passengers.

So that ghost came to light.Now can you say what will happen when a vehicle stops suddenly ?

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