Pollution is one of the evil that human race all over the world face nowadays. Pollution is the contamination of a natural resources like air , water , soil etc by foreign materials. Excessive release of different gases like carbon di oxide and carbon monoxide turns air poisonous. Then air is said to be polluted. Similarly  wastes and unwanted things from factories and various industries are directly send out to rivers and seas causing water pollution. Recently sound pollution also added to make the matters worst. Different types of automobiles on our roads , rails , water and air , industries and factories ,sound from public meetings and rallies etc are continuously releasing sounds to air causing sound pollution. Our soil also get polluted by adding different chemicals to it as fertilizer , pesticide and fungicides. Thus in general we can say that all the natural resources are polluted by human activity. The important types of pollution are classified as air pollution ,water pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution.

Pollution, under whatever name it fall is injurious to health. It is injurious to the health of not only humans but also all living things .That is like its effect on human race it has bad effect on animals , birds , marine beings and plants. A lot of hazards like Bhopal Tragedy , London Smog , Meenamata Disease etc may be heard by all of you. All of them affected not only human race but also the flora and fauna of the area.

We daily witness scenes like over flowing drainages , contaminated drinking water and polluted air. But we don’t  respond against them, we don’t says a word to stop them and we don’t rise our hands to stop them. Our silence is their strength. Keeping silence means we agree to kill ourselves inch by inch.

Now I attract all of your attention to our neighbouring country China. China is one of the largest country in the world with a vast area of land. It is also the highest populated country of the world. Again China is one of the most developed countries of the world. And in the whole world , pollution cases that affect human health  are more reported from this China itself. The role model of many many third world countries with a lot of industries , China is one of the most polluted countries in the world !! A study indicates that most of the Chinese people die due to cancer. The report by Ministry of Health Survey 2007 revealed that the mortality rate in China due to cancer is booming up. When the same survey was conducted in seventy eight (78) countries they even found out some “cancer villages”. Yes in some villages almost all family had a cancer patient !!


Have you heard of Jiyangsu ? Jiyangsu is a coastal state just north to Shanghai in China. It is one of the richest zones in China. Also it is the richest cancer zone in China.!!! Only 5 % of China’s population is residing in Jiyangsu. But 12 % of the cancer deaths in China is occurring in this richest city , Jiyangsu. A research revealed that a river flowing through this area contained about 93 chemicals which cause cancer. How all these chemicals reached this river ? Very clear, released from near by industries and factories without re cycling.


Mr. Panyu , the deputy chairman of China’s Eco Conservation Administration wing says that China is on the brim facing a great hazard. He says it is the greatest crisis that China ever going to face. He blames the new generation of China for this. According to him the ancient Chinese Civilisation was in tune with the relation of man and nature. That reputed Chinese Civilisation was  abandoned by the new generation in midst of pacing to prosperity with the technological advancement. China becomes rich day by day by this progress. At the same time on the other side , China is becoming sick day by day.

But Chinese government hadn’t put forth any action to control the pollution evil. The capital of China’s Eco Conservation Administration wing is located at the capital city Beijing. There is only 300 employees in this office. Even though China is a wide country the head quarters is situated in the capital city Beijing. USA has 17000 employees in their pollution control agency. Also these men are distributed all over the country and act locally according to the situation. Still they are not  able to cater the needs of people and to bring pollution of the country under control. Then what will be the case of China with this little task force centralized in a city ?

According to Ministry of Health of China the leading cause of deaths in China is cancer. In each year thousands of people die due to air pollution caused diseases itself. We will be stunned when knew that about 500 million people of China has no access to pure drinking water. Remember it is not the case of a third world African country like Ethiopia , but the Group-5 member China.


In 2008 Chinese government spend a lot of money to neutralize the toxic gas wrapping the city. This was because of the Olympics 2008 held in Beijing. Almost all cities of China has this toxic coverage. Being the host nation to Olympics , really China struggled to hide his face from the pollution hazards.

One of the worst thing regarding China is that it has a lot of coal mines. A lion part of the energy needs of the country is catered by the energy from coal. By burning coal energy is released. But when burnt a lot of smoke also released to air. So coal is the dirtiest source of energy.

Look the words of Mr.Wang Jinnan , one of China’s leading environmental researchers : “It is a extremely embarrassed situation for the country because our greatest achievement is also our biggest burden. There is pressure for change, but many people refuse to accept that we need a new approach immediately.”

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