Hello friends, I had this idea for past few weeks and thought abt it over ten times before posting this in our site.. With the copenhagen sumit meet raising alarm abt the effects of global warming and providing statistics abt the emissions we could understand that the nature is being broken down bit by bit every day.. We cant deny that each of us are are making our own contributions for it, even though some of our basic activities like driving, using heaters, electricity contribute to global warming.. if we are one among those who hurt the earth, i feel its our responsibility to apply some medicine to it... i believe all of us are nature lovers as well..i think we can spend few bucks for our nature and spend time to care for her.. My suggestion is this: We can have a mass tree planting campaign on jan 2010. Each and every person reading this article. should plant a tree.. It would be a milestone in the activities of our site. It would be a good initiation motivating others around us which will be a good thing. I have suggested this core idea.. I would like to request the moderators, senior members, experienced people to direct this event.. This could be a nice and fruitful family event if every one approve my request.

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