Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary

This amazing Sanctuary is located in Sonitpur District of Assam. It is one of the most famous Wildlife Sanctuary in north-eastern part of our country. Various varieties of birds and animals is preserved here. Various kinds of migratory birds found in this Sanctuary. That's why it is also known as paradise for migratory birds. This Sanctuary is full of Natural vegetation and different plant Species.


This Sanctuary is full of various kind of plant Species. And many of them are used as a Medical and commercial values. The eco-system of this wildlife Sanctuary is quite favorable for all kinds of animals, plants, birds.

This sanctuary is a better home for various kinds of flora and fauna Species. Some of the Bif fauna Species found in this Sanctuary are Horned Rhinos, Civet Cat, Asiatic Buffalo, Leopard Cat, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, and various other kinds of Reptiles, Insects and various species of Fishes. This Wildlife Sanctuary is also contributing to state in the form of Revenue. Every year many tourists from various countries visit this place. The state government also pays attention toward this Tourist. They give every kind of facilities such as accommodation and wildlife safari.

Basic Information About Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary.

Total Area – 44 Square Kms.

Prime Time to visit – From November to March.

Chandaka Elephant Reserve

This beautiful Sanctuary is located in Bhubaneshwar district in Orissa. This sanctuary is full of various kinds of Flora and fauna species. This Sanctuary is mostly designed as to preserve the elephant in year 1982.various kinds of research are going on in the development of this Reserve. The reserve is quite dense and full of natural vegetation. It is one of the ideal place for Eco-Tourism. The elephant is the largest fauna species found in this Reserve.


This Reserve is full of natural Vegetation as well as large varieties of Medical and commercial plants. This place is full of various kind of plant species. Some of the them are Teak, Hair, Bamboo, Salaia, Bel, Terminenalia Hiwar, Tendu, Casia, Zizphus, Kauriculata, helicopters, Dhawda, Sal, Babul, Bija, species, Palas, etc.. Elephant found Good amount of food for their survival. Activities of elephant such as Moving from one place to another, taking bath, Showering on other elephant with the help of their Trunks is quite amazing and mind blowing activity.

Beside Elephant there are many kinds of mammal species found in this reserve. Some of them are Leopard, Sambar, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Antelope, Jungle Fowl, Barking Deer, Crocodile, Monitor Lizard, Mouse Deer, Wild Dog, Langur, Rhesus Monkey, Mongoose, Wolf, Chinkara, Chital, Cheetahs, Blue Bull, Hyena, Bear, Mugger etc.

Basic Information About Chandaka Elephant Reserve.

Total Area – 194 Square Kms.

Founded – August (1982).

Climate – Wet due to influence of Bay of Bengal.

Annual rainfall – 1400 meters.

Total Numbers Of Mammals Species – 30.

Total numbers of Reptiles Species – 27.

Total Numbers of Birds Species – 120.

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

This Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 125 Kms from Vadodara district of Gujarat. This sanctuary is best suitable home of various kinds of Flora and fauna Species. There is a salt water reserve In this Sanctuary. This is the best place of various kinds of Wildlife Species.

Some of the larger mammal species found in this sanctuary. Some of them are Leopard, Hyena, Wild Sloth Bear, etc.. This Beautiful sanctuary is full of various kinds of natural beauty such as deep grand valleys, somberly silent rocks, gentle youthful streams and also various kinds of majestic waterfalls.

ool 3rd

There are large numbers of forest found in this sanctuary. Some of them are moist teak forest, moist mixed deciduous forest, dry deciduous scrub, dry bamboo brakes and dry tropical riverine forest, etc.. On the eastern side of this sanctuary, there is an area with an altitude of about 882 meters above sea Level. Some of the plant Species found in this area are Teak and bamboo.

This place attracts large numbers of Tourist Every year due to its extraordinary scenic beauty and beautiful surrounding atmosphere.

Basic Information About Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Total area – 608 Square Kms.

Founded - In year 1982.

Total numbers Of Flowers species – 575.

Altitude From Eastern side – 882 meters above sea level.

Exact Location – located at a distance of 125 Kms from Vadodara (Gujarat).

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

This Wildlife sanctuary is located in Andhra Pradesh. This is 50 Kms from Adilabad district and 260 Kms from Hyderabad. This sanctuary is founded with the purpose of saving endangered species in their own natural habitat. This sanctuary is full of various kinds of Flora and fauna species. Every year large numbers of tourist visit this place. Various kinds of flora species such as teak forest, bamboo.

kaal tiger

This Wildlife sanctuary is full of large numbers of Big mammals such as Jackals, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Barking Deer, Indian Bison, Sloth Bear, Panther, Tiger, Lions, Pumas, Jaguars, Himalayan Black Bear, Sloth Bear and lesser carnivores like the Wolves, Spotted Deer and Thamin Deer etc. Many varieties of bird species are also found in this sanctuary.

Some of them are partridges, peacocks, quails, vultures, eagles, kites, owls, Mynahs, pigeons and kingfishers. Apart from birds and mammals different types of Reptile are also found in this region. Some of them are Python, Crocodile, Star Tortoise, King Cobra, Monitor Lizard, Snakes, Tortoises, Terrapins.

Basic Information About Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Total Area – 893 Square Kms.

Founded – 1965.

Climate – Hot and Dry.

Exact Location – Located In Andhra Pradesh.

Satpura National park

This Beautiful park is located in Hoshangabad District of Madhya Pradesh. This national park is covered with large numbers of rocky landscapes. This national park is founded with the purpose to reserve Tiger mainly. This national Park landscape is comprised of various kinds of deep valleys, sandstone peaks, rivulets, narrow gorges, ravines and thick dense forests of Sal.

atpura 5

Most of the tourists are attracted because of beautiful blue rivers, stunning waterfalls and largely spread Tawa Reservoir. This national park is rich with various kinds of flora and fauna. Over 1300 species of plants and trees found in this national park. Some of the trees such as tendon, Sal, Bel, Mahua, bamboo, Aonla as well as various types of Grasses and medicinal plants found in this National Park.

This national Park is full of various kinds of animals such as Tiger, Leopard, Hyena, Sambhar, Fox, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Bear, Gaur, Chital, Chinkara, Barking Deer, Wild Dogs, Marsh Crocodile, and Langur. Every year large numbers of Tourists visit this beautiful place.

Basic Information About Satpura National park

Total Area – 524 Square Kms.

Founded – 1981.

Altitudes – Varies from 300 meters to 1352 meters above sea level.

Total Numbers Of Mammals Species – 50.

Total numbers of Reptiles Species – 30.

Total Numbers of Birds Species – 250.

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a famous Wildlife sanctuary located in Nagaland. This wildlife Sanctuary is full of various kind of animals, Reptiles as well as some of the rare species of Birds. Large species of birds found in this Wildlife sanctuary as well as home of various kinds of Flora and fauna. This sanctuary is full of mountains and Hills. When you visit this Sanctuary, you find various kinds of natural vegetation and Full of various kinds of Plants, Herbs, Trees etc.


Some of the plants and trees are rare. This Wildlife sanctuary is famous because of the presence of the Hoolock Gibbon. Gibbon is found only in this Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the Other animals also found in this sanctuary. These are Elephant, Mithun, Sambar, Barking Deer, Goral, Flying Squirrel, Wild Dog, Tiger and Sloth Bear. Birds like Kaleej, common pheasant, Hornbill .

How To Reach There

By Air – Dimapur is the nearest airport.

By Rail – Dimapur is the nearest railway station. Dimapur is 37 Kms away From this Wildlife Sanctuary.

Basic Information About Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

Exact Location – 37 Kms from Dimapur and 111 Kms From Kohima (Nagaland).

Total Area – 202 Square Kms.

Altitude – 677 meters above sea level.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

This Wildlife sanctuary is located In the Canacona District of Goa. This wildlife sanctuary is Formed with the purpose of saving some of the vulnerable flora and fauna found in this area. This Wildlife sanctuary is the second largest Sanctuary around Goa. Rivers like Gal and Talpona originate from This place and flow all over the sanctuary.


There is a Treetop at a height of 25 Meters for watching wild animals and reptiles. Every day animals come to the river and take plenty of water. This Wildlife sanctuary Also provides important information about wildlife and how to preserve them. This wildlife sanctuary is full of dense Forest. Three types of forest found here. These are Moist Deciduous, Semi-Evergreen Forests and Evergreen Forests.

Some of the wild animals found in this sanctuary are sloth bears, deer, wild boars, panthers, laughing hyenas and Indian Bisons. Birds like Woodpecker, White-eyed eagle, Malabar crested eagle, White bellied woodpecker, etc..Reptiles are also common here. They might be poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

The most interesting thing in this Sanctuary is Nature trails. There are various Trails that vary from 500 meters to 5 Kms. Six Watchtowers also present in this sanctuary for watching Wild animals. This Wildlife sanctuary is Full of various kinds of Complex houses, cottages, toilets, library, reception area and rescue center, canteen and Range Forest Office.

Basic Information About Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Exact location – Located at a distance of 60 Kms From Panaji.

Total area – 86 Square Kms.

Founded – 1969.

Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

This beautiful wildlife sanctuary is located in Andhra Pradesh. This wildlife sanctuary is 80 Kms from Vijaywada. This Wildlife sanctuary is located on the Estate of Krishna river. This Wildlife sanctuary Consist of rare and unique Eco – Region. This Wildlife sanctuary is full of Green Grasses and various kinds of dense Forests. Every Year large number of Visitors visit this place because of its Unique Beauty.


As like other wildlife sanctuary, this sanctuary has also been based on Flora and fauna. You found different types of plants in this Wildlife sanctuary. Some of them are Spinifex squarrosus, Spinifex littoreus, Leptadenia reticulate, Pongamia pinnate, Palmyra, Date-palm, Peepul, Margosa, Prosopis juliflora Banyan, Tumma, Mango etc.

The Krishna wildlife sanctuary is full of the thick mangrove Forest. This sanctuary is a home of various kinds of animals such as Cat, Hyena, Fox, Bear, Spotted Deer, Samber, Cobra, Black Buck. Reptiles Like Water Snake, Russel Viper, Garden Lizard, Rat Snake and Golden tree Snake.

Basic Information about Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Exact Location – Located in Avanigadda (Andhra Pradesh)

Total Area – 197 Square Kms.

Sita Nadi Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located near Dhamtari district of Chattisgarh. This Wildlife sanctuary is considered as one of the important and famous Wildlife sanctuary in Central India. River Sitanandi originate from the Middle of this sanctuary. After passing this century it joins River Mahanandi Near Deokhut. If you are a wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers, then this place is best suited for you.

sita nandi

This wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by Sal forests, bamboo forest, Teak forest. The Site Nandi Sal forest is considered as one of the best forest in India. Apart from Sal, there are many others plants growing here. Some of them are small, Haldu, Saja, Bija, Luanda, Dhaora, Aunla, Salai, Mahua, Amaltas Ber and Tendu. The ground of this sanctuary is covered with various kinds of Vegetation Such as grass, plants, bushes and saplings.

Various kinds of Wild animals also found in this sanctuary .Some of them are Tigers, Leopards, Flying Squirrels, Jackals, antelopes, Chinkara, Black Buck, Jungle Cat, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Monkey, Bison, Striped Hyena, Sloth Bear, Wild Dogs, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Gaur, Muntjac, Wild Boar, Reptiles likes Cobra, Python found here. Various kinds of bird species found in this sanctuary.

sita nandi 2

Some of them are peafowl, Jungle Fowl, Crow Pheasant, Barbets, Bulbul, Drongo, Whistling teals, Egrets and Heron and many others.

Basic information about Sita Nadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Total Area – 556 Square Kms.

Founded – 1974.

Exact location - Located at a distance of 175 Kms away from Raipur.

Altitude – varies from 327 to 736 Meters above sea level.

Numbers of Birds Species – 175.

Prime Attraction - Flying squirrels.

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