Man has always been greedy and neglected the animals and plants around him which have no benefits for him. The International Union for Conservation of Nature's Species Survival Commission has recently given the list of 100 species that are on the verge of extinction. These are some so unique looking nature's gift that might soon end up in the list of the extinct species forever. These species who sadly managed to get in this list are all lesser known and found to have no benefits to humans. The list which was compiled by around 8,000 scientists name "Priceless or Worthless" forces a food for thought in our minds; why are we so indifferent to these beautiful creation of God?


The Sumatran rhinoceros live in isolated pockets in the dense mountain forests of Malaysia, Indonesia,sumatra-rhino-baby and some parts of Myanmar (Burma). Like other types of rhinos they too have a sharp sense of smell and hearing and leave a trail of smell behind as they move through the forests. What makes these rhinos different from other types is their body covered with patches of short, black and hard hair. The horns for which rhinos are known for have resulted into their killings and subsequently the danger of eradication with only 250 left in numbers.


A beautiful and striking patterned bird with a red dash on its head that looks like a stylish head gear. amca1.jpgIt is found in a very small range on the north-eastern slope of the Chapada do Araripe, south Ceará, Brazil. It faces the risk of exticntion because of its regions being used up for human benefits that is agriculture, construction of homes and cattle rearing that have led to deforestation of the areas where this beautiful red and black bird resides. Sadly the number has drastically reduced to just 779 birds surviving at present.


As the name says this bird has a peculiar spoon shaped bill. It is found in Chukotka, on coastal tundra in Russia’sspoon Far East, and wintering 5,000 miles away in the tropics of South and South-East Asia. With only just a sad 100 spoon billed sandpipers left we lie at a risk of loosing this charismatic bird. The main threats its facing is habitat loss, hunting and various factors including climate change.


With its habitat confined to a single tiny island off the coast of Panama this unusually cute imageslooking mammal is very much facing the danger of being lost into the darkness of extinction. It has a pale grey brown often with algae coatings.A restricted range of habitat and threat due to tourism are the main reasons for its decreasing population.


It is one of the ancient egg laying species of monotreme that has managed to survive till date. adaIt was named in honour of Sir David Attenborough who was a famous naturalist. These have now limited their habitat to the Cyclops Mountains of the Papua Province of Indonesia. Facing life threats due to agricultural practices, logging and hunting these species lie at the verge of oblivion.


Found only in Vietnam this mysterious and comical looking monkey has faced a major downfall in its population. somicIt is said that now only a 200 number of these are fighting for survival in the jungles of Vietnam. They make a different kind of voice call that is hiccough like. The main reasons for its endangerment illegal logging, hunting, exploitation of the forests, shifting cultivation, fuel wood collection and grazing of livestock in the forest.


This colorful species is named after the town of Tarzanville in Medagascar.tumblr luhtdmdvCz1qj8btco1 500 It is different from other type of chameleons due to its flat, spade like snout. Found mostly in tropical forests which are being brought down for human use this species has sadly made it to the list.

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