The twentieth century may be called ' Atomic Age'. Atomic energy is the most astonishing and amazing achievement of this Century. The most devilish use of atomic energy was made in 1945 to blast out at existence two populous Japanese cities --- Hiroshima and Nagasaki. it was realised  that unless checked in time, they would threaten the very existence of the world. So 'Atom for Peace' Conference was held at Geneva under the chairmanship of the Indian scientist, Dr. Homi J. Bhabha. New plans of utilization's of atomic power fro human welfare were found outlined and the world appeared to be on the threshold of a new era of development.  The atom not only provides huge quantities of electronic energy but also serves mankind in many important fields like medicine, industry, agriculture and technology.


Atomic Energy --- Both Preserver and Destroyer:

if man makes diabolical use of atomic energy, it will wipe out the whole human race from the globe. if he wants to remain away and aloof from war and destruction, he must make a compromise between atomic energy and its uses. Atomic energy used for peaceful purpose will be a blessing for man Politicians can play a significant role to bring progress, prosperity and peace to the human race through atomic energy. Mutual respect and international understanding should be promoted through the agency of U.N.O. there should be a check on the production and use of atomic weapons. If man king does so, we are sure that the most dreaded evil of atom will turn into the greatest friend.


Atom as an Important source of Energy: Electrical energy is perhaps the most versatile form of power available to us. the atom is rapidly become a significant source of electricity. Uranium or some other nuclear fuel is burnt i  an atomic reactor to produce heat which can be used to generate electricity. It is estimated that natural fuel sources of the world like coal --- mines are fast dwindling and in other two hundred years these sources would be completely exhausted.  Development of hydro-electricity is also a slow process. so, in future, we will have to depend more and more on atomic energy.


Radioisotopes and Radiation to Improve Agriculture: radioisotopes are used to determined the best kind of seeds and fertilizers and to develop crops that resist disease and the effect of bad weather. radioactive source are now being used to disinfect grains and to preserve food for longer periods.


Atoms and Industry: In Industry, radioisotopes are saving material and manpower. they improve the quality and efficiency of lubricants, to study design and control the quality and quantity of materials going into a variety of consumer products.


Radiation in the Service of Medical Science: Cobalt 60 proves most valuable in the treatment of several kinds of cancer. Gamma radiation is applied to locate and destroy tumours. Gamma rays have facilitated even the most intricate surgical operations.


Atomic Energy for Space Flights: Radioisotopes are used in large scale excavations. Small bombs when exploded underground, can force up the oil reserves. They can break valuable ores for easier mining.  Atomic energy is also serving us in space flights. soon we should have trains, aeroplanes and ships moving with the help of atomic energy.


It is time that we stop using atoms for the destruction of rival nations and harness atomic energy for creative projects.Reserves of uranium and thorium should be discovered throughout the world and should fairly be set and be equally spread over the whole course . The failures should be given other chances. More emphasis should be laid on the moral and cultural character of a student than on cramming capacity.

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