The Latin name for the lion Panthera leo. It is a large predator, the second largest of the felines. He stands in the world known as the king of animals, especially by its size and the moons that the male has.

Different types of lions

There are two types of lions, the African lion and the Persian lion. Prezische The lion is the smallest and, unlike the African lion, a deep abdominal tuck.


The lion belongs to the cats, with a broad head, short snout and small round ears. He has a short-haired coat is generally sand, ash gray or yellow. The tail is a dark brush. Male lions have thick black, brown or yellow moons on their heads, necks and shoulders. It takes one year or six for a lion mane is really beautiful. Female lions are smaller and have, unlike the males, no moons. The tail of a lion varies in length from 60 to 100 centimeters. A male lion can weigh 150 to 280 pounds while a female lion is 100 to 182 kilos.


The lion lives in groups of about five females, two males and many young. They usually move in small groups separate and lions from the same group when they meet each other always welcome. Lionesses (females) are always the same group, males usually do not. They lead a nomadic life, alone or with males from other groups. They are usually not as old as the female lions.

Food and drink

Lions eat mainly meat of large animals. Especially the females hunt in pairs or large groups. If they are large groups, they mostly hunt antelope, zebra, buffalo or deer caught kaffir. They do this by the prey into a trap, where other lionesses ready to catch him. Males may then lions eat first, then the lionesses and cubs. Normally people are not a lion


There is no set time when the lions mate. Usually there are several young are born, both by their own mother suckled by another lion can be. Before the lions born, the older lionesses them 100 days in the belly. A young lioness raises 2 to 6 at a time, in long grass, dense shrubbery or among rocks.

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