On monkeys are a lot of interesting information to tell. Did you know the smallest monkey in the world, which means fleas and why monkeys do, and what the definition of primates? Or maybe you wonder whether monkeys can cry, or they are carnivores and that they have a good view? On all these questions find an answer in this article.

Why fleas monkeys each other?

In the zoo you often see that monkey inspect each other's fur. Most people believe that monkeys are looking for fleas or other vermin, but in fact find the monkeys to sand particles, dander and fluff. Flea is also a social activity where the weaker monkeys their peers from a higher social position inspect. The Javanese monkeys in Indonesia fleas their female counterparts in exchange for sex. The more and longer periods of the fleas, the more and the longer the sex.

What are primates?

Primates or animals are a supreme order of mammals which apes, lemurs and humans belong. The tarsier is from Asia for example, a primate, or like the Lemurs Lemurs of Madagascar.

Can monkeys cry?

Yes. Some monkeys can indeed cry, but not in the same way as humans do. The eyes of the monkey indeed remain dry. If they are sad, some make monkey noises or cry at the thought of a man do.

Are there any white gorilla?

The only known white gorilla (albino gorilla) in 2003 due to deceased skin cancer. He was almost 40 years. Snowflake (Copito the Nieve in Spanish, Floquet de Neu in Catalan) spent his entire life in the zoo of Barcelona and because it was such rare instance, he soon became the mascot of the city. He is now seen on many postcards. Snowflake planted no less than 22 times, but not to any of his boy was white. After his death his preserved DNA, so it is still possible that on one day is posthumous father.

How many apes are there?

There are five species of great apes: the chimpanzee, the gorilla, the oeran orangutan, the gibbon, and the bonobo.

Carnivores are monkeys?

Yes. Monkeys occasionally eat young birds, eggs, snails, mussels and insects. Their preference goes to plant foods such as nuts, fruits, buds, flowers, leaves, roots and tubers.

Can monkeys see well?

The eyes of a monkey are indeed well developed. Especially useful for them to estimate distances. This is very important as they move from one tree to another to hurl.

What is the smallest monkey?

The dwarf or pygmy marmoset marmosets from Brazil is the world's smallest monkey. The animal is between 14 and 16 inches long and weighs up half pounds. It can easily be scooped on a spoon. The Pygmy Marmoset has a ringed tail about as long as its body. Because of its small size and rapid means of locomotion, this monkey is very difficult to observe.

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