Many people love to have pet at their home. Some like to have dogs and some like to have fish tank at their home. Different people have different choices on this. Well, it is good to have pet if you like, but with them you will have many responsibilities and problems related to them which you must have to fulfill. Having pet at home or at other place is like having a life with you and you have to take care of them like your own child, so your responsibility will be surely going to increase. So if you are thinking to be a pet owner then you should know about the advantages as well as problems and upcoming responsibilities related to them. And after it if you are fine with them then you can surely have one which you like. First let’s talk about the advantages of having pet.

Advantages and benefits of having pet

You will never feel alone: Well having pet means you have someone with you always. So with that you will never feel alone. I have seen many pet owners and their pets having lovely relationship just like they are best buddies. So even you are alone at your home and if you are having some pet with you then they will always give you company. It is possible that your real friend may not give you company because of some reason but will never show you back. So that’s the big plus point of having them.

They can be your home guard: Pets like dogs can guard your home and provide security for you in different ways. So you can sleep tight without any worries at night as you have perfect guard which will guard your house and you in best way compare to any. Yes they can be most reliable guard for you in compare of any human. So that’s another plus point for having pet like dog.

They can feed you: Yes they can. Some pets like Cows can give you milk on daily basis. So if take care of them well then they can give you best quality milk that you can’t get from the market. Well, it is also good for business point of view. I mean if you have more cows at your farm or some other area then you can start your own dairy farming which is the business whose demand can never go down. As I don’t think people in the world can stop usage of milk in any way.

Can use for farming: Well, if you are in farming field pet like buffaloes can help you in your farming purpose. Yes, now we are having advanced technologies at our door step but still in India, many villages’ people can’t afford those big things and they have only choice for having such pet for the same purpose.

Traveling Purpose: Well, In India still many people use camels for traveling and transportation purpose in the desert area. Same goes for horse. So few pets like that can also help you in the traveling and transportation purpose.

So this is all about advantages and benefits. But if you want to be a pet owner then you should know about responsibilities too related to them. Let’s see them now.

Responsibilities and other problems for pet owners

You can’t leave them alone: Well, as I mentioned above, your responsibility will be increased for sure as you are having life normally now added with your pet. So if you are having some pet at your home or any other place then you can’t leave them alone. I mean suppose you are having dog at your home, then you can’t go for any trip or other work with whole family otherwise who will take care of that dog and who will feed dog. So this can be big problem for you. Either someone from your home have to stay at your home when you all are going somewhere or you have to hire some person to take care of it. So this is the most common problem for all pet owners that you can’t leave them alone.

Food and other costs: Well, these days people are most concerned with their monthly budget. So if you are planning to have any pet then you should know that you have to spend regular money for their food and many other things. You can’t go easy at all with their food and other concern matters. And this can surely increase your monthly budget by lot. So if you are not ready for this then better you stop thinking of being a pet owner. You can’t play with any life just for your fun.

Regular treatment: Just as I mentioned they have life too, so just like you they should also have all medical attention like any human have. If they are having any medical problem then you can’t leave them alone or go easy on spending money. And also without any problem you should hire a doctor for regular checkup of them, as they can’t talk about their problems like human. So you can’t be care free in this section too.

Give them proper and separate area: Well, if you want to have pet, you must have proper space at your place for having them. This place and area can be different for different animal. So make sure that you have it. You can’t keep them with you normally because of health reason mentioned below.

Your own health: If you are a dog owner or any home pet owner, then you should understand the risk of health too. You can’t allow dogs to come inside your home normally. Your children can get infected with gems and other problems. So better keep them in their separate area as mentioned above. Animals’ breathing is not good for human in many cases so better not mix up.

Dog can interrupt your night sleep: This is a common problem for dog owners. Dog will surely going to bark at night for different reasons. Sometime reason behind the barking can be serious and life saving for you and sometimes may have no importance at all. So you have to bear them in both cases. You can’t beat them to make them silent just they are interrupting you sleep. So if you want to have dog then this problem is common and you must have to bare it.

Manage with their daily natural things: Just like humans they also need to attend to natural things on a daily basis. So every pet owner must  take care of it in different ways. If you are a dog owner then you have to take your dog out for walking daily on regular times so that they do their daily business outside the home so that you can keep your house dirt free. You can’t be lazy on this thing otherwise you have to tolerate with the dirtiness at your home.

So this is it. I have almost explained all details regarding have pets, benefits of having them, problems regarding them and responsibilities an owner will have after becoming pet owner. So if you are thinking to be a pet owner then better you keep all these things in mind and take good care of your pet. Best of luck.

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  1. suni51

Nice suggestions, but I am not planning to have any pet in near future.

  1. AKP

Same here.. And I can say that from experience almost personal experience.

  1. Sanjeev Gupta

Nicely written. Even I don't have plans to keep pets at present.

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