Pet dogs and street dogs 

There are two types of dogs, one is which we control at home and we call them pet dogs and the other is which we don’t control because they are dangerous and frightening, as they lived in street so we called them street dogs. Usually the pet dogs are controlled by human beings and whereas about street dogs they are not controlled by any human beings. We usually get to see the pet dogs clean in comparison to street dogs that are because the human who is looking after the pet dogs makes him/her clean but in case of street dogs, they don’t have any master who will look on them and clean them.

Useful quality of street dogs

Many of us will think that street dogs are useless and they don’t have any kind of usefulness in him/her but let me tell you all of them who think all these, their thinking is really too low and they are not right. The street dogs have the usefulness quality in him/her, one of the useful qualities is that when at night the local people sleep the only creature that awake them when the thief enters their room is the street dogs who bark and awake the guardian of the house and in many cases they even bite the thieves. So in that manner they not only saving their money but also their life, so one way they are the god for them who got saved from thieves .

Injustice done with good street dogs 

Yes, it is also right that many street dogs have bitten many local people where the street dogs lives. Many people will agree with me that the coin has two sides one is head and the other is tail. So in that way there are some good dogs and bad dogs, so because of one street dog who is bad and dangerous we cannot blame every street dogs as bad. There are many street dogs that have been killed by the cars which are driven on road and some of the street dogs go mad because of some accident or because they didn’t get any food to fulfil their stomach and the empty stomach make them mad. There are many good street dogs who got bitten by the stick by the people who don’t love dogs, they are even got hit by the stone and they get very serious enquiry which even make them paralyze for life. The innocent street dogs who don’t know to speak a word on his behalf to clarify the deeds which he/she haven’t done. The pain that they bear is very much painful for them and for every creature if they get. The main problem for every creature god has made is that they cannot communicate with human beings, so the misunderstanding occurs and make problem for the animals and as well as human beings to understand what the animal is saying and what the human beings is saying. 

How much cruel the human beings are

Hitting with the stick and stone can be taken at a level of unloving. But killing of street dogs is something else, and it is murder which the human beings do and there should a strict action taken by the people of that area where the murder is happened. Some of the people think that this is only the animal that got killed but they are wrong murder is murder whether the animal is killed or the human being.  The street dogs are looked as a dirty and a dangerous living thing; they are hated from the years they are born by the human being. Most of the street dogs are killed by the cars, bike etc. nobody can measure the cruelty of human beings, and they are too dangerous. 


The best way to neglect this bad habit of hitting and beating of street dogs is that when a street dogs bark at you, you just stand straight don’t shake for a moment and don’t try to hit him/her with a stone or with a stick because if anybody does this he /she will be get bitten with the street dogs and he/she can be injured very badly.  And one of the best way to get rid of all these is you have to start loving these creatures, you have to start feeding them whenever you get time or whenever you go anywhere by that street where the street dogs mostly seen.  And I very much sure that if anybody does these he/she will surely get some respect and love from the street dogs. These street dogs are very much lovable the only thing which is required is a human being who will train and love him. We all have learnt from our childhood that the dogs are very loyal to their masters. The dogs will bark and shout with their loud noise on everyone excluding his/her master. The street dogs need only love and affection from the people of local areas where street dogs lives.

 street dogs

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