People generally want to satisfy their interests in various ways. They often lack scientific understanding as to their ways selected as the means of fulfilment of their desires. Public and street performances using different animals are the notable instances of them. It becomes an absolutely novel way for their amusement and entertainment.

Modern trend of amusement and entertainment 

A number of people earn a living out of these performances. We often come across men who carry monkeys with them and they frequently begin to show ring-games with them. Children and even elders gather on a street and find excessive delight out of such games. Not only that but also some other animals such as bears, snakes etc. now arises a relevant question whether it is right or wrong. 

Benefit of street and public performances using animals

We know that such animals are natural beasts having wild behaviour. They like to live freely in nature. But the favourable point is that such beastly animals are tamed and get rid of their wild behaviour. It is a good sign. In this way they lose their savagery and ferocity and become no longer dangerous to the human being. Moreover people can enjoy their performance. Besides, it is a source of regular income to their owners. In turn, such animals are fed and well-cared by their owners so that they can continue their performances.

Negative sides 

On the other hand, it has another picture also. A famous proverb is that the wilds are beautiful in nature just as the child is in his mother’s lap. So they are to be freed from their owners. According to ecology they are able to get their food by their own efforts. Most of the animals are treated harshly and cruelly by their owners. They are no well-fed and well-cared. But they have to perform continuously. Thus the charm and beauty of nature are hampered in this way. Sometimes it is also found that the new-born animals are taken away from their mothers so that they can be well-trained at an early stage. So such a separation is very cruel indeed. Besides, when the animals get injured or become ill they are not taken to veterinary doctors by their owners. They think that it is just the waste of money and time. As a result they die without care. So it is a great loss of our society.


Finally we can say that even though it is a way of amusement and entertainment and a source of regular income it should be stopped altogether. And for the purpose our government should be conscious and should take necessary steps immediately. Don’t think or wait for the government decision just take the first step and let’s fight for the innocent animals who cannot even communicate with us. Let us save them and show them that humanity is there in this bad world.  

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