*Endangered animals are those species that are in danger of going extinct and need protection in order to survive. In the world today there 19000 species of plants and 5000 species of animals are in danger of extinction. In our country, our national animal tiger is one such animal. Various measures are being undertaken worldwide help survival f the endangered species. Protected areas are created as one of the measure. These include parks, wildlife sanctuaries and other reserves.

*In Indian there are more than 500 type of wild animals, 2100 types of birds and 20,000 type of reptiles and fish. According to an estimate around 200 species of wild animals have been made extinct and 2000 species are at the verge of extinction.

Long ago, in a faraway land, there lived a man called Ram.

One day, as ram was riding trough the forest, he saw a beautiful doe. She was drinking water at a lake.

Ram was thirty. He got off the horse to drink water. Ram thought the doe would run away.

But to his surprise the doe stayed there, quite unafraid of him!

He patted the animal gently.

The doe had large, gentle eyes. She had a tiny tail and a white spot on her forehead.

Suddenly the doe turned and started to walk away, Ram flowed her.

Now and then she turned back as if to make sure Ram was following her. Soon, she stopped.

Trough the trees Ram saw a littler fawn approaching her. The baby deer seemed very happy to see its mother. The doe licked the fawn lovingly.

``It will make a nice pet for me,’’ thought Ram. He caught the baby deer.

Then he put it on his horse and rode off.

The poor doe ran after horse. Ram turned and looked at the doe.

He saw tears in her beautiful eyes.

He felt bad.

He was a kind man. He untied the baby deer and put it down near its mother. The doe looked up at him gratefully. Ram rode back home.




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