A spider spins a web with a type of silk which is formed in its body. The silk comes out as a liquid. It becomes solid when it comes in contact with air. The web has blobs of glue to trap insects. A spider can easily get caught in its own web. So it simply avoids the sticky blobs!

The silk thread spun by the spider is very strong. Scientists are trying to produce a similar type of thread artificially.

Nocturnal animals

Animals that are active at night are called nocturnal animals. They can see very well in the dark.

Hamsters and guinea pigs are nocturnal in habit. They stay in their burrows during the day. Owls and bats too come out at night. Earthworms live under the ground. They come to the surface at night to eat. Moths too come out at night to feed.

Shelter of other animals

Animals like frogs, toads and salamanders live both on land and in water. These animals are called amphibians.

Crocodiles and alligators too live on land as well as in water. They, however, are reptiles. *A hippocampus also lives both in water and on land. But it is a mammal.

Albatross is a sea bird. It spends its entire life flying over the sea. It visits the shore only to build a nest lay eggs. It builds its nest with soil and plants and lays a single large egg.

Some important of animals

a) Birds make nests to play lay eggs. They use dry grass, leaves, twigs, cotton, thread, wool, feathers and straw to make a nest.

b) Animals which live on land are called terrestrial animals.

c) Animals which live on trees are called arboreal animals.

d) Animals which live in water are called aquatic animals.

e) Animals which live both on land and in water are called amphibians.

f) A spider produces a special type of silk to make a web.

g) Some animals come out at night to feed. They are nocturnal animals.



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