From this article i can make,those peoples who dont believe in god to believe him scientifically!!!

Ok, now come to our universe.Did anybody know what is beyond the universe???

Some body say that beyond our universe there may be another such universe. Ok, those persons consider my following words.


Today world,has many religions such as hinduism,christianity,muslims etc,.But these religions were just made to judge the peoples to make their life well.I can say that hindu religion is 100% a scientific religion,because i am a hindu,but i cant say about others how they may be ! But I can also say that the peoples who believe in structural imitation of gods were totally mad ! The religions are only to guide the man and god is just like a judge in the court.



In this picture the two persons are not the god.Instead,they are like us ,but differentiated from us by their great manner which made them as a god.But the real god is beyond the universe.


Think about our universe.In my point of view,beyond that there may be another universe,space or anything,that is not our problem.

The space is very huge than we imagine.If there is no god then where the entire groups of universe can stay?I can say that there is no end for the space and it is in the hands of that great person,the god.I can say that the alien may also be our god. Why,we can also be a god when we see the universe beyond.Beyond is the great word to say god.

Our brain is not enough to discovery what is there beyond.This only possible when any species have about million of million as their cranical capacity...:):)

just confusing na ? :)

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