In the eyes of an ancient era, Hindu community across large Indian sub-continent considered lords as the epicenter of everything that exists everywhere. Productive insights from intellectual civilization present religion with a Brobdingnagian obstacle for religious advancement for adopting astounding disclosure in abnegating this discovery presenting logicians with an interesting proposition. Existence of aliens in heaven can create a complete confusion within all religious ranks. Would a perceivable conscious alien have the exact same religion and the same words as of ours? Would they have great faith in some religion which preaches us of its existence all over the cosmos? Would theory of all religions be completely negated? This could create huge confusions and mean discombobulating. Would there be another form of religion and spiritualism of aliens? Mainstream religions state that Lord creates the universe and destroys it at his own wish.

From prehistoric times, many theologians continually questioned the validity of sacred scriptures in determining the evolution of the universe. Countless such theologians have been tested in the past and tagged as atheist. Administrators created propaganda against them that ran counter to religion. People follow faith and many a times raged for origination of enmity towards their faith. The universe consists of numerous galaxies and it is hard to believe life only exists in one planet of this solar system. Science has not succeeded in producing tools to preserve life for extended universal journey. It is not possible for humans to travel alive within distances of light years. The universe is vast, complicated and illogical. The earth is under a definite set of properties for creation of sentient species. Earth gets this set of unique characteristics which no way negate that nowhere in the universe the same set of radically distinctive characteristic to make sentient races is present. Many scientists believe that there are 5 races in other galaxies and they have scanty evidences of life to support their thoughts.

Intelligent life:

Many astronomers agree that nature has thousands of different molecules in creation of sentient species. This supports the theory that on the other side of universe sentient races could be contemporaneous utilizing a different set of molecules. It substantiates the view that alien’s life may be limited to earth-like planets. In some other planets of aliens may breathe easily with carbon dioxide and can have breathing problems at the presence of oxygen. Earlier times, astronomers focus on earth like planets to search for extra-terrestrial life around the universe. One more question is raised by anthropologists as well as astronomers about the state of divine faith of terrestrials and aliens. Human civilization at some point of time adopts religions. There are diverse spiritual points of views, but most of them aim to make a noble life. Mortal mind has plenty of automatic thoughts and religions makes schema of filters inside the human mind for a perfect set of analogy and reasoning mind. Whether or not at the same time of history when religion first reaches to humans also reach to terrestrials and aliens? Whether or not religions practiced by aliens are like as of ours?

Whether or not they are practicing any religions at all? Whether or not, they have multiple religions just like earth? Galileo first perceived about support of life in other planets. Various theologians since then think that it is wrong to perceive humans on earth are only divine species. They believe species of spare planets also believe in divine faith. All these are perceived from permutations and combinations on certain factors of theologian module which believe divine sanctum is there all around the universe. So far, existence of life and divinity among aliens and terrestrials are not published. In the book “The Space Trilogy” the author and theologian Clives Staples Lewis presented an imaginary story of a man who is transported over long distance to Mars and then to Venus to find different side of aliens who are living an intelligent life with a complete understanding of divinity and strong moral virtues.

Near collision theory:

Day Dreamers, philosophers and story tellers for centuries with a passive interest begin a rational search of life in outer space. Human life is the embodiment of ultimate biological development in the universe. Theory of origin of species, promulgated by Darwin states mortal life is the simplest biological construction ever within the universe. According to “near collision theory”, sun is created from the collision out of two stars. One star breaks and part of the star are formed as the sun which has some gravitational power of one of the stars and the rest of fragmented elements becomes planets and revolves within Sun due to gravitational attractions. In this way, environment for biological embodiment of construction of sentient race is well favored. If such environment is created out of a collision environment of different stars, then one can better argue that there would be numerous instances of such development of life within the universe. According to well perceive the theory of origin of life, when these stars evolve from a gaseous cloud a specific number of circular movements is exhibited. In layman’s term, when we watch movement of clouds in rainy seasons, we could watch specific angular movement of clouds. Stars are born out of gaseous substances.

Nebula has specific angular movement which is unique for each stars. But, surprisingly no stars ever collide with each other. Nebulae collide with each other as they are immense cloud of gas comprising mainly of hydrogen and dust in interstellar-spaces. Nebulae can collide with each other to form a star but stars never collide with each other. In simple term, stars are creation from definite biological equations possibly binding through unique gravitational forces. Stars created out of the nebula are a consistent process and still continue in the present time. It has many galaxies and consists of numerous- stars. It is very difficult to find life in any star as each star has multiple planets. Till date, human beings are not sure how many galaxies are out in the cosmos. No one can possibly anticipate after how many years we can find real life in terrestrial spaces.

Hunt for potential life planets:

It is always an interesting phenomenon to find life within the cosmos. So far there is no such success of human beings but hunt for extra-terrestrial life is still continuing unabated with the zeal and anxiousness to find sentient race in Cosmos. Potential “life planets” should be surrounding in the arena of “zone of life”. All these depend upon power and heat coming out of parental-star. Lightening and extra-terrestrial entities strike planets consisting of non living-matters. Non-living matters consist of hydrogen, methane, ammonia and water-vapor. After a series of high voltage strikes from cosmos in the form of lightning and extra terrestrial bodies, non living matters turns into amino-acids. Living entity of sentient race requires more complex essential environment. Scientists are searching for similar intensity of light and heat radiation like earth in the entire cosmos to search for “life-planets”.

Preconditions for creation of life planets:

Now, we could comprehend from all theories that “zone of life” do exist in many forms across the cosmos. Enormous wide zones of large stars prove anti life as a large space can be instrumental to destroy planets before complete biological creation of Planet. Many a times during nebulae stage of multiple stars, gravitational forces are not determined completely due to complex set up multiple stars. When planets of double and triple zones are created coupled by multiple gravitational forces, it eats out stable revolving orbits. This stops entire biological development of planets and stops it becoming a complete “life planet”. After some time all three complexes of star’s structures unite into a single mass star with large propulsion of huge generation of heat radiation and the stream of unbearable light-intensity. It surpasses basic criteria for creation of proteins which are essential for development and sustenance of life.

Original atmosphere of the planet is made up of hydrogen, methane, ammonia and water vapor. Astronomers have tested through different mediums that elements compounding creation of planets are almost uniform all around universe. This creates a sense of identity in finding out equilibrium in determining the exact level of standards requisite for the creation of life. Planets should be built around a stable and normal star. Star should not be greater than the sun or smaller than Sun. As it is believed the force of gravitation of a star depends upon the size of the star.

Sun has ultra-violet rays which reflect upon elements of the planet creating a chain-chemical reaction. Chain chemical reaction decomposes separate component of plant into amino acids which are bearers of proteins. Chemical reaction forming out of a strike of ultra violet rays creates methane. Methane combines with carbon dioxide and oxygen forms water molecules. These are commander instances of the creation of life. Tiny bacteria can survive and reside in parts of water molecules. These single cell pathogens have biochemical properties. All these instinctive forces free up nitrogen from the planet. Nitrogen is unwanted substance in creation of “zone of life”. Hydrogen leave atmosphere of planet completely in a cyclical process. If gravitational force of the planet is weaker or stronger than earth, then the atmosphere of the planet becomes stable and release of hydrogen from planet stops. This creates huge depository of hydrogen inside inner layer of planet. Hydrogen is essential for creation and sustenance of life, but when this limit crosses its breakeven point, survival of life is not possible.

What should be the sensible appearances of aliens and terrestrial bodies?

When the planet has weaker gravitational power, its atmosphere could simply blow away and this takes such anarchical situation in and around planet-arena. It is like living inside a house without a roof top and this could have adverse reaction to living beings. Another simpler example could be flying with an aircraft and suddenly owing to some fault and defect inside engine, roof top of aircraft been lost. Now, it is just like living in a planet without an atmosphere and the inmates inside the plane are exposed to external atmosphere where no such safety measure is about work further. This goes on to show, creation of “life planet” is not an easier task. Accurate level of gravitation power of the planet to create a stable atmosphere as well as a perfect mass level star where the force of superlative gravitation power can sustain transmission of ultra violet ray to planet in creating “zone of life”. Modern astronomers have been reaching for common thoughts of favorable conditions for essentials in creation of “life planets”.

What sort of communications is in with exo-civilization?

Eminent anthropologist and astronomer Krafft Ehricke explains why other living human beings on other planets of the cosmos could be of similar structure likes human beings on earth. Aeroplane is the greatest invention of the earth. In the beginning stage of development, many developers intended to build a superlative structure in designing the best possible airplane. Now, the stage of development reaches to optimum stage where most of the developers are opting for similar structure and the differentiation lies with the design. Probably, sentient race of Earth (humans) is the optimum structure of “zone of life”. Sentient race could be elsewhere in the cosmos in similar conditions which were discussed earlier probably with a different shape and design. Evolution of life is slowly moving towards one optimum design. All these scientific observations are substantial foregoing assumptions within the realm of speculative inquisitive mind. There is plenty of astronomical information for inquisitive minds of scientists who are confident of securing a correspondence link with one of those outer civilizations. What sort of medium of communication needs to be done with exo-civilizations?

Radio Communication works with light radiation of stars to strengthen itself to reach umpteenth miles. Every star has own gravitational power and radio-signal- amplifier. Other long distance communication mediums are inferior to radio-communication. Some eminent scientists have talked about transporting humans into spaces. They argue creating living humans into antimatter to cover the distance of time to reach nearest “life planets”. We cannot move beyond speed of light due to gravitational pressure. We do not know how many light years to be crossed by the space vehicle to reach to “life planets”. Radio communication is a realistic choice of communication to exo-civilisations. Radio communication can be intercepted by other civilizations in some other planets, scientists can immediately know it from base-stations. Radio communication never breaks in its route; it becomes stronger due to light radiation from star to star in its journey to outer space.

Interstellar communications:

Various theologians advised space scientists to build space shuttle which can operate at the speed of light. It seems an abstract concept. Space shuttle made of nano matters might be a distant possibility, but in reality it would take million of years to collect such huge numbers of nano matters to construct the space shuttle in the lines of radio communications. Conservative and here say estimates speculate there are greater than 100,000 inhabited planets in the Milky Way alone. Milky Way is perhaps one galaxy out of million galaxies in the entire cosmos. Scientists of earth have been trying hard to create interstellar messages to be broadcasted from far away “life like” planets. Many parts of the world in the last 200 years have seen the emergence of sudden surprising phenomena which has no practical explanation. One school of thought suggests existence of interstellar life living in a different layer from us. Humans have the capacity to observe objects of three dimensions. It is difficult for them to watch objects of more than three dimensions. Ours nervous system has limited capacity to observe limited dimensions. Many scientists believe the presence of an alien here and they are observing activities carefully from a safer distance.

This theory is still in its infancy but it has some truth attached to it. They say aliens have observational capacity of ten or more dimensional quantities. So, we cannot watch them as they are living in more than ten dimensions. If it is true then it goes on to prove the nervous system of aliens is more sophisticated than in ours. Even at a relatively small distance of 15 light years away, the message which to be broadcasted through a radio signal would have taken over 20 years for exchange of radio communication. 15 light years is the shortest distance in the world of Cosmos. For interstellar communication “Green Bank, Observatory” provides an excellent resource for space scientists to discover and detect radio signals emerging out from far away planets. After receiving radio communications, we can sit back and decipher for the origin of sounds from far away planet.

Doppler’s shift of interstellar planetary movements:

While dealing with interstellar communications scientists must anticipate Doppler shift of interstellar planetary movements which causes inherent disturbances within planets of interstellar communications. Doppler’s shift can cause abrupt shift of communication from a targeted signal of different planets. Scientists are contemplating in creating messages out of the prime number series. Mathematical prime operator π has universal significance and it runs with several elementary arithmetic ratios which can be transmitted through a sustained velocity of light necessary to sustain a chain reaction within spheres of interstellar movements. Television signal receives several dots from space and then converts into pixels (color dots) to create multimedia movements inside the monitor. Similarly, a picture can be formed of superior numbers in a certain way to send this message to sentient race of other planets that can decode and understand fully. People of the ancient world are accustomed to send communication through different picture mediums. During those times, there was not any provision of phonetics and this picture was the best medium of communication to send and receive perceived impressions from one person to the other.

We do not have any idea about language of communication of aliens. In the earth there are numerous languages, and many persons would be unable to understand more than one language. Here, we can easily comprehend about how aliens will understand our languages. Scientists have devised above procedure to send picture signal embedded within radio sounds to space. Interstellar communication should include messages related to sound, distance, time or mass so that after many years when those messages received by people of other planets somewhere at a distant galaxy could respond back to us by creating a stream of hangouts from “life like” planets. This could usher a different sort of relationship among homogenous planets. Human life has limitation in years and it is true that our generation would not be able to know about probable received signal from aliens. Space scientists are seriously hopeful of receiving messages from sentient races of other planets. Interstellar-communication through radio signals is the greatest tool for exchange of knowledge.

Is there any intelligent life on earth?

Space is full of mysteries and there is no way major part of it can be explored due to the constraint of time. What if aliens of exo-civilisations are watching us and find our primitive in space technology, and do not want to correspond with us. What if they have arrived here with superior technology and have found us backward and decide to completely ignore us. Then, interstellar communication from us would not be receivable by any of them and this can lead to complete failure of the experiment. Japanese space and molecular scientists have agreed to this school of thought and they have found some evidences of existences of some aliens who are watching our activities closely from a safer distance. Many other space scientists have found this information vague and untrue but there are some mysteries which are yet to be fully solved and some mysteries are there which is not yet revealed to the common man. All these are smart ideas from constructive mind which may suggest in the long run we might not find anything as such of aliens and years of struggle to find any conclusive evidence might open the way for nothing found any evidence of aliens. Astronomer Drake aptly suggests we should find first is there any intelligent life on earth? Is their superior life living beside which are hiding from the best of our knowledge? He suggests hunting for intelligent life which might have been there inside earth. He equals scholarly life with aliens.

Biological universe:

Cosmic evolution of biological universe has given rise to the mystery for astronomers. They are considered cosmic as a stable entity and try to spot different mysteries from available scientific tools. In ancient time, there was no such important tool to measure galactic, many local astronomers succeeded in measuring distances of stars by using simple tools. In the middle ages, a simple person namely Samanta of Puri district of Odisha, has the unique distinction of measuring distance between earth and sun and distance between far away galaxies and different planets from the solar system accurately. It is a mystery, how Samanta with a plain stick measured cosmic distance by staying at his home looking at the sky. He has tremendous power to measure the distance with a stick in his hand. Though his name has not been prevalent all around the world, but natives of Odisha have great respect for this ultra talented personality. He measured distances of different stars of the Milky Way galaxy. In the past, we have seen many ultra talented astronomers have tried their best to reveal mysteries surrounding all around of cosmic.

In the last 50 years, it is now clear that cosmic is not a stable entity. Many sophisticated mechanisms time and again prove that the cosmic is dynamic and constant evolution of stars as well as death of stars is continuously going on. After Darwin proposed the famous “origin of species” which is related to species of earth, space scientists have tried hard to extrapolate all these thoughts to extraterrestrial life and “the biological-universe”. Still to date it has failed to find any trace of a sentient race beyond earth. Astronomers focus deeply on physical and biological development of extraterrestrial-bodies. As human, ours origin goes beyond 10,000-years. We have not changed biologically and physically in these years. But we are now more sophisticated culturally than ancestors who live 10,000 years back. Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus claimed long ago that “everything flows and nothing stays”. The language which does not evolve from time is bound to be called as dead-language.

Cosmic evolution:

Cosmic evolution deals with prominent changes occur in terms of radiation, matter and life all across the universe. This does not comply with the present time; its scope starts from ancient time to modern time. It observes different agents of change and tries to identify distinct catalysts to research the evolution of life on different planets. All these changes are generated from galaxies, stars, planets. Researchers are thinking of a bigger area of scientific diagnosis to find life on outer planets. They include geography, history, physics, anthropology, chemistry and more disciplines to create a new page synthesis of interdisciplinary of different interrelated streams of different sciences. Concept of evolution is now becoming a binding factor of a different set of sciences with its inherent destructiveness. So called stable matters such as stars, galaxies, earth, humans are not as durable as they supposed to be. All these do not follow the simple physical law of thermodynamics. All these are exceptions to thermodynamics and perform a sense of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Many great scientific evolution occurs from non systematic observation of different processes of the earth.

Theory of gravitation comes to the mind of Newton from falling of fruit from a tree. All these give indications that great physical and cosmological entities are not formed under a certain set of rules, but they follow through the non- cyclic evolution. Origin of energy is related to the dynamic aspect of physical and biological development of species. Energy is constant in the cosmos and it cannot be created or destroyed. All are to utilize properly and make it available more and more to the outer world. All these constituents further generate into a large circle of cultural aspect of species which slowly learns proper utilization of available resources. Concept of biological evolution is considered as neo-Darwinism, which implies to discover the origin of species all across the world. Darwin deals with evolution of plants and animals. Darwinism taught us that humans are superior and they are better than plants and trees. Neo-Darwinism theory taught us how human as life is similar to changing lives leaving all across the universe. In a way this theory contradicts Darwinian Theory.

Theory of evolution and theory of non-equilibrium thermodynamics:

Theory of non-equilibrium thermodynamics explains the theory of evolution of life in the universe. Thermodynamics is the branch of physics concerned with the different forms of energy. Evolution of life is nothing but proper management of different forms of energies into different categories. The earth is a closed system with its own environment that controls the temperature of the earth with the rest of the Cosmos. It effectively deals with outcomes of climate change occurring in an isolated environment devoid of outside cosmological interferences. There are no shortcut rules of the origination of life in “zone of life” of universe. It deals with non-equilibrium state where uncertain laws prevail in the creation of life. Scientists deal with different forms of uncertain laws which have no numerical values but have a wider implication of thermodynamics environments. This concept is not as easy to understand as it is written here. When structures are left alone, they are tending to go rapidly towards the state of rapid diminution of energy. This is the second law of thermodynamics which deals with the concept of entropy.

Entropy as numerical measure of uncertainty is an outcome of a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy of living species. Entropy is the last stage of thermodynamics where the flow of energy is not feasible. It reaches to the stage of destruction of living species as energy constantly searches for new medium from one stage to another. Energy is dynamic and flow with living species to find suitable conversion of energy from one source to the other. It happens similar to humans when it fails to eat. Energy diminishes and death grips human body. With death, human body decomposes and energy moves to a superior entity. Body converts to a decomposed state which is elemental stage of evolution of life. Energy needs mediums to convert from one source to the other and living species and sentient race becomes suitable dashboard of energy in converting from one stage to the other still the time living species reach the stage of entropy. It falls back to basic resources that gave us life from degeneration into non-equilibrium stage.

Is there intelligent life in outer space

Glowing fireball stage of evolution:

The origin of nature flows from ideas of free flow of energies distributed into different dynamic mediums. Free flow of energy creates cosmic expansions due to non-equilibrium thermodynamics that caused an entire universe to depart from its initial stage. This is an example of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. In Cosmos, everything does not go with quantum physics as most of these are run by theories of thermodynamics where energy transforms from one stage to the other. Energy cannot be destroyed; it converts from one form to the other. Evolution of living species is a simple process which is necessary for transportation of energy conversion. This proves there are “zones of life” elsewhere parts of Cosmos. While learning of existence of sentient species space scientists is observing nature of density, temperature and mass of far away stars of other galaxies. Scientists are trying hard to observe emission of light and temperature of far away planets from here to learn about existence of life. They are running with the assumption that the temperature of the earth is the default parameters of the evolution of life.

They observe cooling and thinning of radiation and compare them with microwave background-radiation of distant galaxies. So far, there is no such microscope on earth that can clearly focus what is going inside a star located light years away. So far the best Microscope is able to detect radiation of light from a specific start and they are counting measures of radiation to understand atmospheric conditions of star. Radiation era begins at the initial evolutional stage of development of the universe. Submicroscopic representation of matter existed in a suspended form of glowing fireball in the initial stage of evolution. The radiation was so strong that the hydrogen bomb and a nuclear bomb can be destroyed by X rays and gamma rays from “glowing fireball” of blinding light.

Life era:

Slowly, universe expands due to non-equilibrium phenomena of energy which needs to convert from radiation stage to other mechanical stage. Universe expands and it naturally cools down from radiation era to matter era. Charged particles cool down and some of them become neutrons. Neutrons are neutral atoms. Neutrons are best charged particles which can create structured-magnitude of any matter. Large scale reduction of photons can produce aimless and destructive phenomena of matters. This leads to creation of “intelligence management” of energy which provides a path to another era of evolution of the universe known as “Life era”. It is the beginning of technologically advanced life that begins to overshadow primitive life and other inanimate life. Intelligent life begins to manipulate matters just as billions of years ago matters began to manipulate radiation to get over it completely. One school of thought believes life on earth is optimum “intelligent life” of the cosmos and other life around the universe is still in coagulating a form which requires a complete technological overall similar to reaching this stage from a primitive form to intelligent-life. “matters era” is still there in pockets of the universe where are primitive forms of civilization will take a thousand years to reach to similar state of Earth. Human minds create artificial matters such as books, vehicles, etc. which are products from developments in cultural-evolution.

A few thousand years ago, universe broke its symmetry owing to the Big Bang explosion and equilibrium slowly defuses from it. It broke the symmetry and created non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Universe expands to create a temperature gradient and automatically makes free flow transferrable conditions for energy. These are complex structures depending upon widely different atmospheric conditions. It creates scope for optimum resource utilization which universe strives for complete sustenance of life within specific ambit of energy transformation. Galactic evolution paves way for developmental and generational changes. In reality, we are into the stages of semi “Life era” and slowly moving towards a complete “life era” where the atmosphere of earth unable to cope with competitive technological demands moves slowly towards artificial-atmosphere. There will be a symbiosis of machines and society to create the epitome of techno culture environment where sentient and cyborgs will continue to cooperate with each other to produce real “life-era”. We really do not know, on some other planets where “life” exists are already into this zone or not. If so, then detecting their presence requires a high degree of technological brilliance as they can hide from different radiations and changes of atmospheric pressures. 

How did consciousness and culture evolve from biological evolution of living species?

Innovative ideas of space exploration such as space colonies, planetary exploration, hunt for sentient species besides earth, sending of interstellar communications can further strengthen the quality of life of world citizens. Scientists believe before searching for evidence of life elsewhere in the Cosmos, we need to find evidence of life on our own planet. They have been seeing this as “post contract” and will sure that all these will negate the theory of religions entirely. If aliens are found to be devoid of any such religions of earth, this could be a great reverse to religious beliefs found in earth. In this way, many streams of thoughts have been instrumental in finding out different aspects of life and try to devise meanings attached with it. There are few unanswered questions. We are still searching for it. How did heavy atoms born out of lighter ones? How sentient race did come out of inert matters? How did consciousness and culture evolve from biological evolution of living species? For example the calcium we consume give solidity to our bones. Irons helps blood to carry oxygen to the central nervous system. We are thinking about establishing an Internet throughout the universe, world jet travels, creation of cyborgs which should make the entire universe a smaller place to live. Things change all around the universe, though at some point of time they all are considered and managed by constant laws. From all these understandings, we capture some fundamental biological attributes through the phenomenon of change within the wider purview of cosmic-evolution.

Space industrial revolution:

Eminent space scientist and former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, stress on developing “space industrial revolution” in order to provide finances for the space shuttle to discover newer places. He recognized possible catalytic agents for space industrial revolution.

1. Perennial sources of energy from the sun and development of thermonuclear fusions for renewable sources of energies.
2. Thermonuclear reactors will give unfailing source of energies to the space shuttle in their voyage to the universe. Helium 3 from the moon is seen as indispensable fuel for thermonuclear reactors.
3. The moon could be a possible hub for interplanetary communication and interstellar communication.
4. Creation of electromagnetic mass drivers of solar energy for low-cost space-transportation.

These are realistic points in creating a smoother channel for space voyages. This could give a perfect opening for a space voyage without humans. Space shuttle will automatically channelize energy from the sun and preserve that energy inside thermonuclear reactors for unending use. Thermonuclear reactors have renewable sources of energy powered through thermonuclear fusions. Moon is nearest sub-planet and could be used as sub-station to optimize space voyages. There are a few myths about the moon that after one or two journey to moon entire mission is suspended and there are speculations of aliens have overtaken the land of the moon. Time interval of the first and second moon mission is almost 40 years.

Why we are trying to land into Mars through orbit but completely ignoring nearest moon? Depending on the former president of India Dr. Kalam, Moon has a huge depository of Helium 3 which can perennially give renewable source of energies. In a space shuttle, it is almost difficult to carry huge depository of fuels. This should take much weight and should be challenging for worry free flying. Space scientists are opting for renewable sources of energy such as mining in planets and asteroids or extracting helium 3 in running thermonuclear fusion reactors. Moon’s sky is empty of intercepting an interstellar radio communication. Unlike Earth, Moon’s sky is clear of all wave-frequencies. It has potential to become “telecommunication hub” for interstellar-communications. Moon has weak surface gravity and it has one sixth gravitation power of earth. 

Moon based solar power system is a bright idea. In Moon, energy of the sun is dependable due to absent of air, water and atmosphere. Due to high cost of transporting, power stations to moon, this option has not yet been fully utilized. We are still not fully utilized optimum resource of man in dealing with space explorations. We are handling International Space Station (ISS) which is situated at a geo-stationary orbit. Expenditure incurred on ISS is on higher side. Why still to date we are not utilizing the moon as the space launcher or resting place before reaching out for long space exploration? So far we could not build light reactor that can be transformed easily with space shuttle from earth to moon. The Moon is a relaxing place. Resulting from non-availability of water and atmosphere, moon is completely devoid of life. Long wires can be built under moon’s surface within five to ten centimeters to preserve it from solar toxic extracts. Lunar soil is completely protected against toxic elements emerging out of the sun.

The reality of space exploration will be possible when space exploration of human advancement builds reusable space transportation systems with oxygen liquefaction for huge payload efficiency. Leading nations all around the world related to successful space exploration should be united in achieving their mission to space exploration to discover other living being on different planets. We should find out unique planets where space journey can be paused for some moments and experience scientists should pass knowledge to younger ones for real continuity in space exploration. Space voyage does not belong to months, but for a thousand years and the scientific community should strive for collective work and giving knowledge output to younger ones.

Challenges before space research community:

Exploring our peculiar solar system will lead to knowing the properties of planetary systems elsewhere in the universe. Science is based on the idea that the universe is a single entity. The stars are composed of the same elements that are found on sun. The process of creation and destruction of stars continues through the process of nuclear fusion. Space scientists behave in a way detective scan critical scenes. Space scientists utilize observational tools to locate new stars and planets. A notable example of space-science as detective work is the discovery of Neptune. Till beginning of the nineteenth century, planet Neptune is not known to belong to the solar system. Space observers found orbiting irregularities in orbiting path of Uranus. It is not following Newton’s law of motion of gravity while orbiting around the sun. Scientists believe that there must be another planet besides Uranus and they have found Neptune as a result of this careful observation. In this way, if these planets happen to be of the same mass as of the earth and in “life zone” of space then the probability of existence of a sentient race increases thousand times.

Space research provides opportunities for the young mind to traverse through an unknown entity and find out actual universe scenarios. Youngsters should take space technology as a career to utilize fountain of ideas in articulating different space visions. Space vision is beyond any boundaries and traverse to discrete areas of the universe to find exo-civilizations. Leading space development countries must unite to create a “global partnership mission” to identify core competencies, funding partners, innovative ideas and business to business (B2B) partnerships for enhancing life of the space shuttle as an international residential facility.

It is important to keep evolving and traverses through different parts of the universe so that hunt for alternate habitat one day be could be materialized. The speed with which the population of the earth is increasing e need alternate “zone of life” in a different solar system. There are some classical romanticism associates with space. We should ask ourselves are there intelligent life on earth and then we can go for preparation for a space voyage to find sentient races from Cosmos. It is high time to devise a strategy to defeat continuous quantum trajectory of Cosmos. Freeman Dyson famously said that “As we look out into the universe and identify the many accidents of physics and astronomy that have worked together to our benefit, it almost seems as if the universe must in some sense have known we were coming.”

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Normally, I prefer to write comprehensive articles and most of them nearer to 6000 words. I write on two other blogs including my own web site where I prefer to write precise mostly 1000 to 2000 words and on my blog it is all about lifestyle and...

Normally, I prefer to write comprehensive articles and most of them nearer to 6000 words. I write on two other blogs including my own web site where I prefer to write precise mostly 1000 to 2000 words and on my blog it is all about lifestyle and tech and on another content writing site it is about short stories and here I prefer to write most article lengthy. it is my theme of writing here. I like to write on vivid topics thanks for visit. have a nice day.

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